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    Turn your interior design ideas into realities. Our interior designers are here to help you sort through the infinite options we have to offer to create the perfect room. We go above and beyond to help you achieve the look you want.

    The design center is at the heart of our furniture showroom and is fully stocked with samples to help you envision your space more clearly. Our interior design team is ready to guide you through the showroom or offer advice.

    Whatever you need, we’re here to support your interior design vision.

    Meet Our Design Team

    Every home is unique with different spaces, tastes and lifestyles; our aim is for you to love your home.

    Heather Jester


    Heather has had extensive training in both interior design and the fine arts A New York girl with New York training, she is experienced in...

    Ruth Bertrand


    Ruth has had a passion for design since an early age. She believes relationships are built on great experiences and that is what you will get!

    Carolyn Gross


    Carolyn has degrees in both Commercial Art and Interior Design and has a love for modern art and modern furniture.

    Asita Sami


    Asita has a love for design. She has over 20 years of experience in jewelry, fashion and design. She is also an artist, passionate about color.

    Bianca Torres


    Bianca has a flair for out of the box ideas, which surprise and delight clients from around the world.

    Lauren D’Addario


    Lauren is an award-winning Interior Designer. She has over 13 years of experience in Design with a bachelor’s degree.

    Anastasia Mouzina


    Designing beautiful spaces have always been a passion and a natural talent for Anastasia Being born in Greece, Anastasia brings a fresh...

    Oksana Doukhov


    Her goal is to know her clients better than she knows herself which will lead her to be able to transform your space into your dreams.

    Alexis Mancuso


    Alexis’s love for design, art and fashion began at a very young age Starting out as a floral designer, her career quickly transitioned into...

    Dalkis Salcedo


    Dalkis is both an Industrial Engineer and Fashion Designer Due to her amazing sense of fashion, she started designing the homes of her friends...

    Alberto Parra


    Alberto is a refined and multi-disciplinary interior designer, inheriting a rich legacy.

    Millie de la Cruz


    Millie is a visionary in interior design, with over 20 years of high-end retail expertise across the vibrant landscapes of New York and Miami.

    Stephanie Nolte


    After studying at Parsons in New York City, Stephanie found a way to implement her love for art and design everywhere she goes.

    Are you a designer at heart?

    We’re here to support your inner designer. Let us help you create the best solution so you can achieve your homes design potential.

    Leading You Through

    We’re ready to support your interior design journey so you can discover the furnishings and style that suit your taste.

    Finishing Touches

    Our interior designers will help you choose the perfect finishes and treatments to bring your room to life.

    Project Management

    We’re here to offer support and guidance at every stage to ensure you are thrilled with the finished project.

    Designing a Unique Piece

    If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll use our furniture craftsmen to make your vision a reality.

    Custom Treatments

    We specialize in custom treatments made with the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmans.

    Our Portfolio

    These inspiring stories of interior designs show how client-centered work gets beautiful results.

    Boca’s New Horizon

    ALINA Residences, Boca Raton’s newest and most luxurious new development is a project that Sklar Furnishings is very proud of The...

    View Case Study

    Buried Treasure in Fort Lauderdale

    A meeting at the condo with the client and our team to take pictures of key areas (the before) was the first order of business  An open...

    View Case Study

    Setting Sail in Style: The Helm Yacht Group Project at Sklar Furnishings

    In collaboration with the Helm Yacht Group, Sklar Furnishings’ Designers Ruth and Alexis embarked on a journey to redefine luxury yacht...

    View Case Study

    Custom Design for Coconut Palm Estate

    A client recently approached us with a very interesting project They had purchased a property in Delray Beach and had torn down the existing...

    View Case Study

    Designing Your Perfect Space

    Bianca’s talent for understanding clients and getting to the themes and motifs that best express them helped her do an amazing job of making...

    View Case Study

    Taking Coastal Contemporary to a New Level

    Owning a house is one thing but making it a home is another At Sklar Furnishings we take pride in our team of artistic interior designers who...

    View Case Study

    Crafting Elegance: A Year-Long Journey with Carol in Palm Beach Gardens

    At Sklar Furnishings, every project is a unique canvas, and this case study of our collaboration with our client Carol in Palm Beach Gardens is...

    View Case Study

    Transforming Lives Through Design: Sklar Furnishings’ Journey with Jane at Alina Residences

    As a contemporary modern design furniture store in beautiful Boca Raton, FL, Sklar Furnishings has always provided exceptional furniture and...

    View Case Study

    Crafting the Perfect Space: Design & Innovation

    At Sklar Furnishings, we make it our mission to make the process as seamless as possible for our customers We offer the ability to choose your...

    View Case Study

    Achieving Sophisticated Elegance with Sklar Furnishings

    When Marlene moved into her new home at the ALINA Residences, she wanted to make it a warm and inviting space that showcased her travels and...

    View Case Study

    Panache & Forging Design Connections

    When design professionals need help, where do they go In some cases, they come to us, whether it’s to help them find a unique piece of...

    View Case Study

    Collaboration in Design: A Fusion of Gold and Contemporary Aesthetics

    Interior designing is an extremely personal yet fast-moving industry No two projects can be the same, as everyone has different choices when it...

    View Case Study

    Charming Casuarina

    Redesign projects for residential buildings are not new to Sklar, but executing a project while a building is inhabited does throw up some...

    View Case Study

    One Piece at a Time

    When it comes to design work and sourcing furniture, we can really make your vision come to life We say we can do projects of any size and...

    View Case Study

    Artful Spaces

    Home redesign is always an interesting process of balancing aesthetic with needs, and a recent project is no exception, allowing our Designer,...

    View Case Study

    Designing From a Distance

    How do we furnish and design for a house that’s still under construction For clients who live in other areas And do it all during a pandemic...

    View Case Study

    Experience Timeless Elegance: Black and White Renovation by Sklar Furnishings

    Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with Sklar Furnishings’ latest renovation project What made this project unique was its focus on the...

    View Case Study

    What Our Satisfied Customers Say

    I am having a new house built and I needed all new furniture. I visited several furniture stores in Delray and Boca but after going to Sklar, I couldn't go to another store. I bought all my furniture there with the help of saleswoman/designer GB. The showroom is like a museum. Each piece of furniture is very special and the quality is superior.

    Joanne Freemon

    Boynton Beach, FL

    It was a pleasure shopping at your store. We live in Tampa and drive to Boca to get gorgeous furniture from you, with great customer service. Wonderful furniture. Our house looks beautiful.

    Marjori L.

    Tampa FL.

    Customer service at Sklar is fantastic. Needed help on adjusting a table we bought 10 years ago. Caroline at Sklar called the Managing Director of the Italian company that made it. He emailed instructions. Leave it to Sklar to not only have amazing style but incredible people as well. Thank you!!

    Larry C.

    Beautiful furniture and more importantly Sklar has a welcoming, friendly, and professional atmosphere! If you want high quality contemporary furniture that is designed for you and not the same as every other household this is the place to become a life long customer! Very pleased!

    Cynthia W.

    This store is off the chart! If you are in the market for the coolest furnishings and maybe something a little different, this is the place! This place has such Ahhh-some stuff, it literally could be a local attraction!! People are friendly, and the owners seem to be hands on... Great taste!! Will purchase again.

    Robert L.

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