Setting Sail in Style: The Helm Yacht Group Project at Sklar Furnishings

In collaboration with the Helm Yacht Group, Sklar Furnishings’ Designers Ruth and Alexis embarked on a journey to redefine luxury yacht interiors. They began the journey in March and had the grand reveal at the October boat show. This project involved diligent planning and design expertise.

Client’s Vision and Design Options

The client, the yacht broker, envisioned an interior of this new yacht with a European and elegant flair. The Sklar team presented three distinct design options, with a consensus favoring a beautiful choice with vibrant raspberry color accents.

The project was to furnish a 62 foot yacht. These areas consisted of the salon, galley, dining area, and four staterooms. Brands were carefully chosen for their outdoor furniture, dining area pieces, and chairs. Seeking one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, the team collaborated directly with our vendors to ensure a design that would stand out from the crowd.

Collaborative Endeavor

Beyond aesthetics, the Sklar team was intricately involved in the entire yacht build, advising on flooring and marble types. The goal was to blend elegance with coziness, offering an open-air experience while maintaining the boat’s sophisticated ambiance.

Working closely with this client throughout the project brought collaboration and camaraderie within the Sklar team. Putting in months of dedication and teamwork, the Sklar team was able to bring the designs to life ensuring every detail reflected the elegance of the yacht.

The Maestro Behind the Design

Yacht designer Davide Cipriani, renowned globally for his revolutionary designs, was highly impressed with the final design. The yacht design won the Best Layout of the Year. Davide seamlessly integrated Sklar’s design work, complementing his vision beautifully. Experience luxury on the high seas with Sklar Furnishings.

Our collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and unique touch come together to craft masterpieces like the Helm Yacht Group project. Visit us to discover how we redefine elegance on land and sea.

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