Collaboration in Design: A Fusion of Gold and Contemporary Aesthetics

Interior designing is an extremely personal yet fast-moving industry. No two projects can be the same, as everyone has different choices when it comes to design elements. Nonetheless, every project at Sklar Furnishings is distinctive, and Nichad’s home is a fine example of our tailor-made approach.

A chance walk-in by Nichad turned into a delightful collaboration that unfolded beautifully. This project brought the client’s design preferences to life. Nichad, hailing from Egypt, was captivated by the entire Sklar showroom. Their love for contemporary design and a liking for gold palette set the stage for a unique home transformation.

The scope of the project covered various living spaces, starting from the office to the living room, bedroom, and more. For the office, we designed and crafted custom furniture, picking pieces straight from the Sklar floor. This creative journey extended to the living room with accent chairs and bar stools and the bedroom, complete with a coffee table and custom wallpaper.

One of the highlights of the project was the synergy developed between our designer, Oksana and Nichad. Understanding the client’s unique taste and design preferences became a delightful exploration. In the world of design, where individual choices play a very important role, this collaboration showcased how tailored solutions can bring a client’s vision to reality. As with every project, there were a few hiccups along the road with the selection of pieces but were easily overcome by working collaboratively.

The chosen products reflected the elegance and sophistication that our client envisioned for their home. The Neolitico 40 Vetro Cocktail Table, with its curved glass base and gold accents, added a touch of refinement to the living room. The Il Paese delle Meraviglie Small Tables introduced unique textures, shapes, and colors, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. The Impact Buffet stood out as a visually captivating and versatile piece, enhancing the living room area.

Nichad’s home, a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and a penchant for gold exemplifies Sklar Furnishings’ commitment to personalized design. It’s a story of collaboration and creative exploration. Each piece chosen and every detail contributed to creating a home that resonates with Nichad’s unique style.

This project celebrates the fusion of personal taste and choices with real design elements and brings them to life. At Sklar, we are more than thrilled to embark on a journey with you to transform your spaces into personalized works of art. Visit our showroom or check our website for design inspiration and much more.

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