Taking Coastal Contemporary to a New Level

Owning a house is one thing but making it a home is another. At Sklar Furnishings we take pride in our team of artistic interior designers who work with you on creating a space that you can call “home”.

The process typically begins with a consultation to discuss the needs and preferences of the client. The designers then develop a design concept and create a detailed plan, including drawings, renderings, and a specification list and work with the client to make any necessary revisions until the design is finalized.

A client recently came in with a new project for one of our lead designers, Carolyn. The clients had worked with Carolyn before on another home in Boca Raton and loved working with her. The new project was a beautiful property right on the water in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and the clients had a clear vision of what they wanted. Since the property was in Massachusetts, Carolyn worked on this project remotely while staying connected with the clients for in-person meetings in Florida.

Setting the Stage

The views from the property were breathtaking and so the furnishings had to be equally so, without taking over the space. Another key aspect was to incorporate the coastal contemporary feel with neutral colors and clean lines.

Carolyn worked with the clients over the span of a few months, listened to their vision and ideas and tried to get the feel of the style and vibe they had in mind. Bringing the client’s visions to life, Carolyn came up with a preliminary design to begin the process, all the while never stepping foot on the property. Since the property was on the water, she made sure to use a lot of neutrals and blue hues from the environment to the furniture and décor inside to give the space a more airy and open appeal.

Adding in the Drama

The next step was adding some boldness to the neutral backdrops. Statement art pieces were recommended and shown to the clients for their approval. For some of the furniture, Carolyn created renderings to present the clear vision of the project. Every piece of furniture used in this project was custom-made.

Embracing Challenges

We excel in flexibility when it comes to the interior design process, as clients may change their minds or new ideas may arise. Afterall, it is their home and they need to love it to feel it is their safe haven. In this project, the clients were very involved and liked to see things in person, which worked out very well. There were times when the clients decided to take a different direction and swap some pieces, which made a shift in the room’s décor style.

Sklar Furnishings believes that it is important for the designers to be open to revisions and to work with the clients to make any necessary adjustments to the design. Communication and collaboration are crucial to ensuring a successful interior design project and Carolyn achieved just that for Marblehead.

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Owning a house is one thing but making it a home is another At Sklar Furnishings we take pride in our team of artistic interior designers who...

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