Artful Spaces

A recent home redesign combined art and decor with modern sensibilities for a client who wanted to update their space while ensuring it could showcase their incredible collections from around the world. Located in Boca Raton, it was a project in our own backyard, and while challenging, it was a great opportunity for our Designer, Marina Chemerisov, to demonstrate her skills. 



As with any major home redesign project, it began with a conversation. Marina learned their inspiration for their home came from their world travels. They have collected a large collection and wanted to showcase many of the pieces while creating a more modern and updated look for their home.

Marina jumped at the chance to blend the existing elements of the client’s home with new and artful flourishes. The inspiration for the project would come from the art collection and how it would be displayed.

Great Room & Entry

Marina’s first step for this space was to determine which of the art pieces would be showcased. She then chose a complementary color palette to work well with those pieces, in this case, a jewel tone exemplified by the stunning blues of the Flower Armchairs.

With color established and furnishings selected, Marina evaluated the space and artwork and designed an impressive custom wall unit that spanned the entire wall. Using high gloss lacquer with walnut, glass, and built-in lighting, this custom wall unit displays many pieces while blending seamlessly with existing furniture and what she introduced. The overall effect is both breathtaking and functional.

The well-furnished yet spacious entryway, with its bold Gerundio Mirror, airy Westin Console, and sparkling 56 Bijoux Light, extends a gracious effect right to the front doors.


In the kitchen, Marina’s first step was to remove all items above the cabinets to immediately create a clean look. Then the kitchen countertops were removed and replaced with ones that matched the dining nook table, for a clean, cohesive, and inviting look.

TV & Dining Rooms

In the TV Room just off the kitchen, Marina tied the space together with the textures and hues of a Nourisson rug, which added earth and jewel tones to create a liveliness. Sole Chairs in a bold but restrained orange help to bring more life and spice to the area, while still being complementary to the overall color palette.

The dining room adjacent to the TV room is centered by the magnificent glass Perseo Dining Table which is complemented by Soft Chairs and striking Comete pendant lights. Quiller glass bookshelves continue a theme of transparency and create an ideal showcase for the client’s art and glassware. 

A Grand Effect

Imbuing our client’s home with a gracious and contemporary appearance from the entryway to the kitchen, Marina established a modern and artful aesthetic. By creating new elements, she achieved our client’s goals without sacrificing the personality of their art collection, giving them a balanced and inspiring space that supports Marina’s ultimate goal: creating a space for her clients that makes them happy.


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