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The residence that was designed is located in an up-scale condominium development in downtown Boca Raton, The ALINA Residences. This project was a collaborative effort between Interior Designer Jerry Mazo and Sklar Furnishings. The project began when Jerry was employed by Sklar, however, he has since moved on to start his own design firm, SPACEdfi. Jerry partners with Sklar for their showroom, furnishings, and designer services for his clients. This project showcases how Sklar’s team of designers can help provide a one-stop shop for all of the client’s needs.

“Sklar Furnishings was the firm, and I was the designer, I feel like I really haven’t left (Sklar) I’m just in a different capacity.”

The Gorman Residences: A Luxurious Experiment in Up-Scale Living

The Gorman’s project involved downsizing and creating a second home for the client. Sklar’s design team handled the space planning, audio-visual work, built-ins, and custom lighting, while Jerry was in charge of incorporating artwork, furnishings, window treatments, and lighting.

Creating a Unique Space: Custom Lighting Design and Built-Ins

The lighting is something that Jerry is particularly proud of. A mix of new and pre-existing pieces were used to help bring the client’s vision to life. With the help of Sklar’s custom lighting design, wallpaper, fixtures, and window treatments, the end result was an environment that the client was thrilled with.

“We created layers and layers of custom lighting in the darkest areas of the house, because we wanted to draw the eye up to the ceiling height, they play off each other but they are very different. I was immensely proud of that. It also compartmentalizes the space without creating physical barriers.”

Showcasing Sklar’s Expertise: Working with Customers on their Individual Needs

Working with customers on their individual needs is something that Jerry excels in. His understanding of what the client needs and his ability to address them through artwork, furnishings, window treatments, and lighting is unparalleled. In this particular space, Jerry was able to compartmentalize the area with the use of custom built-ins, from Murphy beds to wall units.

At Sklar Furnishings, we make it our mission to make the process as seamless as possible for our customers. We offer the ability to choose your own fabric, to make the space truly unique, which allows customers to make any product extraordinary with bold use of fabrics to cover sofas, chairs, benches and more. This allows us to use and find a wide range of options for the customer.

Dedication to His Craft and Understanding of the Client’s Needs

Overall, Jerry’s dedication to his craft was evident throughout the entire Gorman project. From sourcing local art to redoing tile in the bathroom when there was a leak, Jerry went above and beyond to deliver a space that the client was thrilled with.

Providing Excellence in Any Space

At Sklar Furnishings, we strive to provide excellence in any space and Jerry’s work is a testament to that. His contemporary and modern style, coupled with his understanding of what the client needs, makes him the perfect designer for any project. We’re proud to partner with him on his projects and look forward to our continued success together.

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