Panache & Forging Design Connections

At Sklar, we’re used to clients looking for furniture for their homes, and clients looking for assistance in their commercial or residential properties, for redesign and furnishing. But we are also proud of the role we play in the projects of other designers, and all of the benefits we can offer them.

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a boutique design firm on two projects for clients with discerning tastes. Panache Designs has been serving clients in the Boca Raton area for over 10 years. The firm is headed by Karen Press, a veteran designer much sought after for her expertise in creating stunning residential and commercial interiors.

A little over a year ago, Karen was introduced to Sklar designer Carolyn Gross by a mutual colleague when she mentioned she had trouble sourcing modern furnishings for a project. What followed was a fruitful and successful partnership that continues to this day.

An Excellent Connection

When she came to us, Karen was seeking advice, product information such as specifications and measurements, and a sounding board for ideas. Our large variety of products also helped her find the unique and intriguing pieces she needed to wow her clients.

“Sklar brings color and abstraction and that is what people want. They want dimensional. And I do not see that in other retailers.”

Carolyn’s role was advisory, helping Karen to find the right pieces in our collection and showing her the possibilities on offer in the showroom. As a designer herself, Carolyn knew how to be a supportive partner in the design process, using Sklar’s vendor connections and breadth of products to complement and coordinate her client’s vision and connect Karen to the furniture that fit just right.

Scintillating Results

The two projects we assisted on were both interior designs for residential spaces, with one focusing on a client who liked to entertain, and the other focusing on gorgeous living areas. Our role involved connecting the right furnishings to each project, whether it was a stand-out sectional sofa, stunning side table, or sumptuous chair.

For Entertaining Luxury, Karen completed luxurious spaces in a home where entertaining guests was a client priority. The space is decked out in modern furniture that both elevates its style and makes it welcoming. Furnishing designs were carefully chosen to enhance the already large and open space.

With Spectacular Vibes, living spaces were enhanced with spectacular impressions, modern pieces and contemporary styles. Karen focused on harmonious, tasteful, and modern pieces that complement each other with unique and unexpected flourishes that offer both the function and form to create spaces pleasing to the senses.

Assisting Where We Can

Whether it’s the customer’s own material, fabric, leather or more, we’re happy to facilitate. Karen is renowned for her work with fabrics, so we were able to let her freely explore her options without getting bogged down. Our vendor connections allowed her to source otherwise hard to find swatches from European manufacturers.

We’re here to assist our designer clients and we have respect for their work. The added capacity can be hugely helpful for clients of any size, but especially smaller design firms and boutiques such as Panache Designs, where Karen, her design assistant and project manager form the entire team.

Logistics can be a major challenge, but it’s one we’re familiar with. We can store items in our warehouse and facilitate deliveries, which is helpful for changing timelines and ensuring project-critical pieces are ready until they’re needed, at which time getting them to the project is simple.

A Helping Hand

Karen and Carloyn, at time of writing, are working together on another one of Karen’s projects. Beyond our abilities to assist with logistics, sourcing, and finding stunning pieces, we’re proud of Carolyn’s ability to forge a connection, and to understand and support her clients. We can help designers find that rare piece of furniture, make sure it’s ready for them, help with the upholstery, and make their job easier in many ways, but perhaps what’s most valuable is that our associates take the time and effort to understand design clients’ needs and goals.

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