Transforming Lives through Design: Sklar Furnishings’ Journey with Jane at Alina Residences

As a contemporary modern design furniture store in beautiful Boca Raton, FL, Sklar Furnishings has always provided exceptional furniture and decor. We also offer full design services for both commercial and residential clients. Our latest project involved the stunning Alina Residences, where we have done numerous client’s homes as well as the furnishings in the common areas.

A Journey of Transformation Through Interior Design

Jane, a new resident of Alina Residences, had purchased her first alone space, after losing her husband of 40 years. It was important to Jane to fill her space with fun and color! Following this as the guideline, she worked with Design Associate, Bianca Torres, to create a space that was all about her. You can see from the colors and designs it is whimsical and fun and every space was filled with wallpapers that Bianca and Jane picked out together. Bianca worked hard to make Jane’s vision a reality.

Going Beyond Expectations: Sklar Furnishings’ Comprehensive Design Services

Sklar Furnishings offers much more than traditional interior design services. The company’s dedication to creating a curated experience for each client sets them apart. The team at Sklar work to make sure each home is different and unique to their client.

From Client to Friend: The Power of Connection and Support

Throughout the design process, a genuine friendship blossomed between Jane and Bianca. Bianca really enjoyed working with Jane to create her happy space! Sklar Furnishings always believes in the power of connection and understands that happiness is when you live in a space that is all about you, your space, your lifestyle, your choice.

Transforming Spaces with Unforgettable Design Elements

When Jane visited Sklar Furnishings, she talked to Bianca about adding color into her surroundings. One of the super fun projects that Jane and Bianca worked on was the wallpaper. Sklar Furnishings carries a very cool company that creates wall murals for your space. Bianca shared the sample books with Jane and she fell in love with a lot of different patterns. Sklar and Bianca were able to curate an entire home of wallpapers just for Jane.

Jane’s Profound Gratitude and Delight

Jane reflects on her experience, stating, “The selection on the floor is terrific. I love that so much can be adapted to each individual’s needs. I LOVE your one-stop-shopping ability. I can’t even tell you how important that is to me. Everyone has been nice on the floor. The showroom has a terrific feel and energy.” These words truly capture the essence of Sklar Furnishings’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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As a contemporary modern design furniture store in beautiful Boca Raton, FL, Sklar Furnishings has always provided exceptional furniture and...

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