Top Trends from High Point Market: Fall 2022

High Point Market is always exciting and it is fun to see what the new trends will be for the upcoming year. This year the display of decor trends were timeless and organic, focusing on comfort and embracing versatility. We have some exciting new product picks from the market  from unique shapes to new bursts of colors.

It’s all About the Curve

Rounded shapes and curves were seen all over High Point Market, creating relaxed comfort in your home. Furnishings feature fresh, intricate organic shapes and warm wood finishes, which can give a soothing feeling in the home. 

Softer, natural curves bring the feeling of nature in. We love the touch of serenity it adds. Organic design concepts and textiles come together to create a fun cozy look. 

Mixed Materials

Another trend we saw a lot in the market were metals and mixed materials that can create a unique contrasting look. We saw tables and furnishings that incorporated mixed materials, such as lacquer and metal, glass and metal, and wood and stone. These mixed materials added texture.

Mixing materials creates versatility in your home. We are now seeing a mixture of metals where it used to be one note. Bringing in brushed silver, with golds and bronze gives an eclectic yet upscale design feel to your home. The hardest part is getting people over the idea that all metals need to match, be adventurous and give it a try! 

New Trending Colors: Green and Orange

A fun surprise for us at the market was the shift from neutral to using orange and green tones as a new fun way to pop color and bring fun into your look while still keeping it modern! 

Orange is a fun color and works so well with many palettes. A hint here and there can elevate your designs. We also saw a lot of moss green, another color that blends well with others and brings in the green from outside your window.

The hints of green and orange at the market gave us a cozy feel to the designs. There is something special about adding a significant pop of color into your design. We saw many upholstered pieces in orange that used to be shown in gray or white. This is a huge shift for the design trend but a welcome one as we look to create spaces to enjoy!

Metal Details and Accents

Metal adds variation against the softness of fabric, and the cozy feel of wood and provides intriguing textual crossroads. Hand-worked metal  adds a touch of craft and can be cast into any shape, build, or decorative piece.

Fixtures of metals like grazed aluminum and stainless steel presented at the market gave a distinctive look. Metal inlays are an excellent way to add a contemporary touch to more traditional materials.  

In warm tones, we like gold, brushed brass and bronze; in cold tones, silver, chrome and nickel give a refined look. Although combining different metals may seem complex, a simple method for successfully mixing metals is choosing a dominant metal finish for the room and blending accent metals with that.

Ribbed Wood

Wood has always been important in design and this year is no different. We are seeing ribbed wood used as panels, under tables, on consoles and even the back of chairs. Wood always gives a great coastal contemporary vibe that brings warmth of nature and creates a cozy place to relax. 

Lighter, blond woods were more notable than we’ve seen in recent years. The rich look of Maple, Oak, and Walnut adds elegance to any home. Wood is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable options for furniture and this made it a popular choice.

Sklar Furnishing is so excited about these trends in 2023 and they are beginning to land in our Showroom. Come in and work with one of our Design Associates who will help you transform your house into your home.

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