4 Trends from Salone del Mobile 2024

This past April we attended the Salone del Mobile 2024. It was a great opportunity to see what charming, unforgettable designs were making waves in Italy. As admirers of contemporary design, this event is our big chance to see what our favorite designers and brands are doing—a source of insight and inspiration that helps us stay sharp.

There was an abundance of new and interesting uses of materials, unique hues, and a wealth of experimental textures wherever we looked. Salone is always fresh and innovative, but this year it seemed like a feast for the senses. We explored as much as we possibly could and identified 4 major trends that we expect will be leading the furnishings world in the coming months.

Cool New Colors

Color trends are a chance to see the return of some old favorites or new spins on classics. This year was no exception with the five most pronounced colors at the show being burgundy, turquoise, cream, toffee, and green. Zanotta and Moroso, two trendsetting firms, were showing many pieces with pastel tones, suggesting that pastels are poised for a comeback. Finally, we saw a lot of funky pieces done in green, suggesting yet another trending color.

Out of the bunch, we like burgundy the best. It’s a versatile hue of red that’s subdued enough to work as an accent in a minimalist space, but lively enough to work as a supporting complementary color in more dynamic spaces. Our favorite burgundy piece at the show may well have been the Tau 40 Murano Glass Table, just a gorgeous little table with great color.

Tactile Textures

Designers are getting interesting results pursuing sensorial designs that use materials and textures that invite touch. We saw a lot of unexpected designs along these lines, from well-known classics to entirely new designs that are destined to become classics in their own right.

Moroso’s ‘Bouquet’ chair is the standout for us. It’s an amazing design piece and so bold it stopped us in our tracks. It features an uncomplicated metal base topped by a seat and frame covered in burgundy leaves made of folded fabric sheets. Zieta Studio was exhibiting an inflated stainless steel stool that looked really interesting as well, almost like a mylar balloon standing on the ground.

Marvelous Materials

We saw a lot of exploration in how materials were used and combined. We also saw materials being distorted from their natural state or juxtaposed, and the unique effects and looks which come from that. We saw lots of metals and many glass pieces with bubbly, uneven, sometimes wobbly surfaces. Finally, we saw a lot of dense, thick, colorful fabrics that take bouclé as inspiration and run with it.

Shake Design’s freeform marble table with a glass insert is a great example. This coffee table just stunned us—it’s an evocative, gorgeous and moody piece that brings together two different materials very effectively, proving just how potent of a technique it can be.

Sustainable Design

Year after year, we’re seeing continued investment in sustainable designs and reclaimed materials. Recycling was a big theme this year, with exhibitors talking about their aluminum pieces as the best example of an easy-to-recycle metal. The growing problem of plastic waste was addressed by many designers as well.

So it’s fitting that our favorite sustainable design was a set of outdoor furniture from Magis, made with recycled plastic. These standouts featured bursts of color, paired with playful forms and a smooth, delightfully fun design.

With new textures, forms, and materials come new styles to transform and improve our spaces. At Sklar Furnishings, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest in contemporary design. Visit our showroom and discover our carefully curated collection that reflects the latest trends and the most innovative and stylish pieces.

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