Refreshing Your Home

Spring is the season when we’re all feeling more refreshed, positive, and ready to enjoy the best parts of the year ahead of us. It’s also a good time to see what’s working in our homes and what’s not, and combine our spring cleaning with some spring style refreshment!

With a stale room, the temptation is to try to update the entire aesthetic at once. However, refurbishing an entire room from scratch is a big task, and there’s a lot you can do to reinvigorate a space with just one key change. In fact, we’ve got a lot of fresh furnishings that can help you perk up your home.

Delightful Dining

The dining room is a great place to start, and the dining table which anchors the room is a good candidate for replacement as it really sets the mood and establishes the style. A change of tables can make a dramatic difference.

The Marathon Table embodies the dramatic impression with its large yet airy base and massive tabletop that’s excellent when it’s time for a dinner party. The Marathon creates an impression of sophisticated and daring elegance that can certainly refresh and anchor a room.

A table doesn’t need a different form to be engaging. The Perseo Dining Table has a classic design that’s made very intriguing by its use of wood and glass, for a very modern look that will change the atmosphere of the dining room.

Lavish Living

Many of us spend plenty of time in or walking through the living room, and if it gets boring or stale, that can affect our energy and discourage us from relaxing there. Fortunately, Sklar’s got some sensational sofas to spruce it up.

The Segno Sofa is a flexible and elegant choice. With plenty of customizable segments and finishes, this graceful sofa, which seems to float on a solid base, can really revitalize a living room that’s feeling listless.

The Fly Sectional is another excellent sofa, with a multitude of modules and fabrics it can be customized to your heart’s content. Its blend of traditional forms with new elements makes it adaptable to any space or style you wish to create!

Inspiring Illumination

If larger pieces are not the problem, but your home feels uninspiring, new lighting is always a sensational choice—changing the lighting isn’t as disruptive as getting a new table or sofa, yet it can make a big difference.

Something elegant and unexpected, like the 56 Bijoux Light, can transform a space when it replaces dull or uninspired light fixtures. With its dramatic circles of lights, the strikingly geometric 56 Bijoux brings a refreshingly dynamic aesthetic.

Impactful Changes

Sometimes all a tired space requires is one dramatic new addition to find a new expression. Combined with decor accessories (and maybe a new rug) these bold options above are capable of breathing fresh new style into stale spaces. So go ahead, treat your space to some impactful new styles!

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