Design Trends for 2021

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 4, 2021

Design Trends for 2021

The Design Industry is looking forward instead of behind to a year filled with opportunity and potential. These are some of the trends that we are seeing happening for the incredible year we have ahead of us! 

We expect to see trends in sustainability continue, with less synthetic materials and more simple wood, metals, glass, reclaimed materials, and imaginative reuses of material (like the pieces in the Revolution line, which Vondom created from reclaimed fishing lines).

In terms of colors, what we’re seeing is soothing and subtle, but the trends in terms of furnishing and style will likely break with the recent trend of minimalism. Maximalism uses patterns, metals, and even natural elements to create a dazzling sense of grandeur and luxury. All in all, you’ve got an interesting blend of big effects and accessories balanced against hues like Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze and of course Pantone’s grey and citron combination—natural colors and showstopper pieces.

Mesmerizing Mirrors

In the spirit of maximalism, mirrors are an excellent addition to any room that maximize the impression of light and space. Since mirrors reflect the colors around them, they work well with any palette as they create a bigger, brighter impression.

We have some wonderfully maximalist mirrors from Fiam Italia. The larger-than-life Pop makes a bold addition to any room, with a pattern of fused, mirrored glass bubbles around a flat mirror face—playful and expressive, this mirror certainly adds an element of luxury. Meanwhile, the Caadre is a little more restrained, but still quite bold, with an unpatterned reflective frame around the mirror face—its large size makes a grand statement.

Bold Choices

Fiam Italia’s Let Me See Console uses a stainless steel frame and glass shelf element to create a very elegant effect. These modern materials can easily be integrated into any color scheme, and add a very maximalist element to the foyer or front hall despite being unpatterned. Curved glass is enchanting and always very impactful.

Simply Spectacular

The impressive Stella Chandelier is a spectacular and enchanting lighting fixture. With its cloud of pendant lights, it fills spaces with bright stars that never fail to catch the eye and generate a sense of wonder—in short, it’s a masterpiece of maximalist lighting!

Equally spectacular but floor-bound, the Prismatic Seaglass Rug blends a natural pattern with bold colors for a splashy effect that breathes excitement into decor. Ideal for a living room that’s lacking impact, this rug adds some dazzle where you least expect it.

New Year, New Style

As we spend more time in our homes, having a magnificent blend of textures and colors can help keep us from feeling drained and bored. We can balance maximalist impressions against soothing colors to create a space that’s invigorating without being overwhelming.

Feeling inspired to update your style? Still not sure where to start? Let’s talk, we can help you pick out the perfect pieces to maximize your style!

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