A Guide to Gifting Furniture: Celebrate the Holidays with Sklar Furnishings

The holiday season has arrived, ushering in the joy of giving. While traditional gifts like ornaments and chocolates are delightful, why not think outside the box and consider furniture as a thoughtful present? Furniture has the power to transform spaces and lives, making it an exceptional gift choice. Here’s how you can gift furniture this holiday season, with some stunning options from Sklar Furnishings.

Personalized Furniture Gifting Tips

1. Personal Style: Consider the recipient’s personal style and their existing decor when selecting home decor gifts for someone. Choose pieces that you believe would work well with their tastes and preferences.

2. Sentimental Value: Think about the sentimental value of the item. Home decor gifts can carry special meaning, making them cherished keepsakes.

3. Functionality: While aesthetics are important, don’t forget about functionality. Look for pieces that not only look great but also serve a purpose in the recipient’s home.

4. Quality Matters: Opt for well-crafted items made from high-quality materials. Quality ensures longevity and lasting beauty.

5. Presentation: Pay attention to how the gift is presented. Thoughtful packaging and a heartfelt note can enhance the gifting experience.

The Art of Gifting: Thoughtful Choices in Artwork

For those who appreciate the power of visual storytelling, art pieces make exceptional gifts. Cobra Art, a name synonymous with contemporary art, offers a wide selection of artworks that are perfect for gifting – the Audrey Hepburn Collage or the Marilyn Monroe Vanity Fair Painting are our favorites.

These artworks are not just decoration; they are statements of style and taste. When choosing art as a gift, consider the recipient’s preferences and the ambiance they wish to create in their home. Cobra Art offers a diverse selection, making it easier to find a piece that resonates with your loved one.

Vases: Sculptural Elegance for Every Home

When it comes to home decor, few things hold the power of transformation quite like vases. These versatile pieces of art can instantly elevate any room.

Explore the vase collection from Utopia and Utility – a brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship. The Scarabee Stacking Vessel and Butterfly Stacking Vessel are exquisite examples of functional art. These vases not only hold flowers but also serve as captivating sculptural pieces.

Statues and Sculptures: Adding Character and Charm

Statues and sculptures can be the centerpiece of a room, adding character and intrigue. Borowski’s Lucky Bird Glass Art Garden Statue and Chameleon Glass Art Garden Statue are true marvels. These whimsical creations bring a touch of magic to any outdoor or indoor space. For a playful and unique holiday gift, The Penguin Sculptures are perfect for spreading holiday cheer with their charming design.

Illuminate with Style: Lighting as a Gift

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of a room. Sklar Furnishings offers an array of elegant lighting options. The Visio Table Lamp exudes modern sophistication, while the Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp combines contemporary design with classic aesthetics. When gifting lighting fixtures, consider the recipient’s lighting needs and their home’s decor style.

When it comes to lighting, we also must mention our holiday favorite – the Chrismy Tree, a magnificent outdoor lighting piece. Resembling a towering Christmas tree, this enchanting piece provides a cozy and inviting ambiance, creating a captivating focal point for gatherings. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a symbol of the festive season that will be cherished for years to come.

Accent Furniture: Functional Beauty for Any Space

Accent furniture plays a pivotal role in elevating the feel of any space, blending both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. Sklar Furnishings offers a captivating selection of accent pieces that serve as eye-catching additions to your home decor.

Phillips the White Sheep and Pascal the Black Sheep double as seating and conversation starters, adding a touch of playfulness to your living space. If you are looking for something more subtle, the Pippi Coat Rack is a sleek and modern accent piece that not only keeps your space organized but also makes a stylish statement.

Contemporary Pillows: Comfort and Style in One

Pillows are versatile gifts that can instantly transform the look and feel of a room. Whether you’re looking for bold patterns, subtle textures, or vibrant colors, our pillow collection has something for every taste and decor style. Visit our showroom and explore our impressive pillow wall, featuring a wide range of contemporary pillows and cushions from various contemporary brands.

This holiday season, go beyond traditional presents and make a lasting impression with the gift of beautiful designs. Sklar Furnishings offers a range of exceptional pieces that can turn any house into a warm and inviting home.

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