Why a portable side table is a purchase you won’t regret

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

October 14, 2015

Side tables are necessary objects in both bedrooms and entertainment rooms as there will always be items that require quick and accessible tabletop storage, like books and remotes.

In order to enhance the convenience of a side table opt for a portable one. Portable side tables allow you to reconfigure both the flow and look of a room with ease. Nesting tables are a perfect example, and an absolute must in small spaces. Highly portable, their versatility knows no bounds. When displayed, they can serve as a coffee table, but can also tuck neatly into each other to serve as a single side table. They can be split between different rooms i.e. one can serve as a bedside table, while the other two can be designated to the living room. When guests arrive and you need more tabletop space to rest items like drinks and snacks on they can be separated, and in conjunction with seating can serve to create groupings within a room. Some of our favorite nesting tables include the Trio Nesting End Tables. These sleek tables are made from glass of varying opacity, and fit seamlessly into any modern home.

For ultimate portability, opt for something that can conveniently be used both indoors and outdoors like the BDI Bink Mobile Media Table. Having an extra side table ready-to-go when needed is a little luxury you won’t regret. This item is ideal for when you’re using your laptop while sitting on the couch or when lounging poolside. It’s made out of aluminum and steel which means it’s lightweight and will hold up in adverse weather.

Alternatively, you can prioritize storage above portability by using a nightstand with drawers. Instead of keeping your knick-knacks and remote controls out for everyone to see, you can keep them out of sight to reduce clutter.

Don’t forget to think outside the box when it comes to side tables. Depending on the height of your furniture, items like bar carts, which are highly portable, can also serve as side tables and then be wheeled out and used in a more traditional sense when entertaining.

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