Wellness Within Your Walls

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 21, 2021

Wellness Within Your Walls

Wellness has never been more important. With many of us spending more time at home, the way our homes support us is more apparent than ever—and shortcomings can feel more harmful to our wellbeing and energy.

Wondering how to improve your feelings of well-being and comfort at home? Follow the four keys: creating warmth, inviting purpose, lighting appropriately, and ensuring organization. If you strike a good balance of these four elements, you’ll notice that your home will become a more enjoyable, supportive, and even useful space.

Creating Warmth

Take a common issue like a cold floor. A good rug will not only allow you to walk around comfortably without slippers, but it also adds visual warmth. Rugs like the Monu Rose possess a sumptuous and rich texture paired with a warm and intimate appearance. For a more contemporary and stripped down appearance that’s easy on the feet, the Ripplewater Area Rug is a great choice.

Inviting Light

Lighting makes a space more inviting and more usable, whether we are reading, working, or simply relaxing. The Roosevelt Floor Lamp is a great way to add a more inviting, but also useful glow to any space, bringing comfort to the eyes literally and also through its unique and delightful aesthetic.

Purpose and Organization

If all your furnishings support a purpose, or better, two purposes, you’ll feel like your home exists to support you, instead of the other way around. The same is true of organization—done well, it keeps your home tidy and uncluttered while making it easy to find and use what you need.

Purpose and organization work best when they’re united, as in the Gravity Wardrobe. With its reassuring aesthetic, this versatile wardrobe unit can transform a room from cluttered to serene—and stylish.

The Day System Sideboard also presents a symmetrical, minimalist, and pleasing aesthetic alongside plentiful storage. Functional in a variety of roles, this sideboard offers storage, display, and organization in a very attractive package.

Meanwhile, the Note Writing Desk is an excellent example of small, well-crafted furniture that can serve many roles, from desk to sideboard or console. A tidy and slightly retro appearance gives the Note Desk a unique and distinguished energy.

The Liber A in Fume Glass shows how a bookcase can serve other purposes. Dark smoked glass, linear forms, and sliding storage make this an excellent display and storage unit with a sharp and modern appeal.

Revitalize Your Space And Yourself

Your sense of wellness at home can be greatly improved by reviewing your current setup with an eye to the four qualities we explored above: light, warmth, purpose, and organization. Getting the right mix of all, and addressing your needs and preferences for your space, can turn your home into an oasis.

Have a spark to pursue wellness? Like the pieces above? Give us a call, browse online, or visit our showroom, and let’s discuss how we can bring more wellbeing into your home!

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