Wedding Gifts Ideas

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration

April 10, 2015

Wedding season has arrived! Time to start pondering what to wear and finding  the perfect gift for the bride and groom. Here are our top three wedding gift picks to inspire you.

The Tray: Perfect for breakfast in bed, or for entertaining the inevitable plethora of guests they will receive. A tray like the Kartell Dune is not only a handsome gift, but one that will get mileage in terms of practicality. One of our favorite ways to style it is to rest it atop a coffee table and use it to hold neatly stacked tabletop items like books, magazines and remotes.

The Ottoman: Many newlyweds are living in starter homes and an ottoman like the Uno is the perfect solution for smaller spaces. It serves as a side table, storage, footrest as well as extra seating when entertaining. Its versatility makes it a piece that can easily follow the couple into their second home.

The Bar Cart: This item is very Mad Men inspired. Even people who don’t indulge in the occasional cocktail can appreciate the elegant versatility and whimsy of the classic bar cart. Choose one like the Escapade. Aside from stocking the bar cart with its namesake in mind, this popular item can be used in many other spaces. In a washroom it can be used to store crisp, white towels and toiletries. This is especially helpful in washrooms that have pedestal sinks and lack of storage.

What all our top picks have in common is that they are versatile enough to fit in with almost any room. Be thoughtful when gifting as you’ll want the couple to work the item into their home decor.

Selecting these gifts in neutral colors is also the best way to ensure they jive well with the couple’s existing items. Muted metallics with beveled edges tend to mesh well with most decor from industrial to traditional. As for fabrics, a neutral like dove grey in a tweed fabric lends itself well to almost any space.


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