Vondom Revolution

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

October 6, 2020

Vondom’s Vivacious Innovation

Vondom Furniture is among one of our favorite furniture designers. They have a knack for creating beautiful but simple designs paired with creative uses of material and form. Vondom’s work is artful and unforgettable, ranging from bare and minimal to lush and luxurious.

Vondom has attracted plenty of attention from around the world. Their influence continues to expand throughout the world.  Vondom’s commitment to great design, high standards, and art has yielded a number of unforgettable collections and made them irresistible.

A Brief History

Founded in 2006 in Valencia, Spain, Vondom quickly grew to become a major force in outdoor furniture. Their innovative pieces and sculptural approach made them hard to ignore, and their presence at major design shows around Europe ensured they would make waves in the design world.

Vondom actually started with a line of planters, and grew from there to collaborate with acclaimed designers. They’ve won recognition from publications worldwide as well as nominations and awards from big design events like Red Dot (3 wins in 2020), Good Design, and NYC X DESIGN.

Design Principles

Vondom’s approach is eclectic and cutting edge. Their commitment to sustainability comes first and foremost, which they prove in action: all their products are made with recycled materials. All the pieces in their most recent collection, Revolution, are made specifically with recycled plastic waste. This act of sustainability is not just part of a trend, but rather an homage to the sea that borders their city, involving collaboration with fishermen’s associations around the Mediterranean to harvest plastics.

In their established collections, Vondom demonstrates versatility with pieces that range from imaginative to minimalist. There is plenty of variety in function and appearance with the avant-garde forms of Vondom’s furnishings, from the strikingly geometrical Vertex Chair or Adan Stool to the more curvilinear shapes of the bold Moma Bar Stool or whimsical Chrismy Tree. Many Vondom pieces are weatherproof and durable enough for outdoors, and yet chic enough to grace interior spaces.

Rotation moulding is used to make many of their pieces with hollow spaces, making them lighter and less materially intensive to create. Maximizing the yield of something already made with recycled materials speaks to their sustainable approach, a manufacturing process that builds on their tradition of being avant-garde.

A Creative Emergence

In just 14 years Vondom has advanced the state of outdoor furnishings. We’re quite familiar with entirely functional outdoor furnishings, or heavy and complicated wood pieces—Vondom’s vibrant designs are a breath of fresh air that make outdoor space as chic and exciting as the indoors.

Innovation, design, and sustainability are central to Vondom’s approach and what makes them stand out not just visually, but in terms of ethos. When cutting-edge design meets superb new manufacturing processes and a greater vision, the design world proves itself to be up to the challenges of the modern world.

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