Brand Feature: Via Seating

Since 1987, Via Seating has been creating innovative, comfortable, and supportive chairs from their headquarters in Sparks, Nevada. Guided by Danish design principles and the idea of making clean, yet delightful chairs, Via Seating has grown to be a big deal in the industry, and one we admire.

With a solid approach and plenty of experience in making world-class seating, it’s no surprise that Via Seating has won big at design shows. This past October, two of Via Seating’s designs won big at NeoCon 2021, one of the biggest commercial design shows in the world. Their Ecliplse chair won Best of NeoCon Gold, and their ONDA chair took Best of NeoCon Silver.

Let’s take a closer look at these stunning designs and just what makes them award-winning.

Eclipsing the Competition

Via Seating’s Eclipse features a stunningly simple design that enables a lot of seating potential, from stackable chairs, light task stools and chairs, to executive guest chairs. The Eclipse features a distinctive rounded, retro-futurist design that was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

A distinctive, pleasant, and flexible design that’s both eye-catching and extremely useful in many situations makes the Eclipse an excellent example of the Via Seating ethos. A LEED Clean Air Gold rating means that this chair does not outgas harmful vapors. In addition to Best of NeoCon Gold, this line won the ADEX 2021 Platinum and Red Dot 2020 awards.

The Onda

The Onda line of all-mesh mid and high back chairs are proof that ergonomics do not prevent attractive design. Designed to adjust to and support the human body, the Onda can transform the office or workspace, both in terms of the style and appearance, but also in how it can make sitting for long periods of time less unhealthy.

Intelligent controls allow the Onda chair to be adjusted quickly, and it comes standard with integrated lumbar support to support the health of the spine. Optional copper-infused mesh is biocidal and sanitizes itself, making it great for multiple users in busy spaces. The Onda is the first all-mesh chair in the world with a copper option.

Making Waves

From their innovative work with copper infused meshes, and their ability to combine functional and aesthetic considerations seamlessly into really attractive chairs, Via Seating demonstrates their commitment to doing better at every stage of their evolution.

Beyond their stunning designs and ability to support health, Via Seating are also committed to green practices and sustainability. Their chairs are created with materials that don’t outgas volatile organic compounds, supporting cleaner air in the workplace, institution, or commercial space.

We love to see Via Seating gain the recognition and earn the awards they so richly deserve for the great work they do! We look forward to seeing them continue to transform the market.

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