Upgrade Your Style and Storage

When in doubt, organize! Stylish storage can help you declutter and beautify your home all at the same time. There’s a lot of organization and storage furniture, but we want to discuss sideboards and consoles—sideboards are often relegated to holding dishes, cutlery, and related paraphernalia in the dining room (consoles usually hold dusty accessories out of the way), but we believe they’ve got plenty to offer around the home. We’ve got superb sideboards and charming consoles that offer loads of style and storage for any room.

Front and Center

Sideboards are fine in the dining room, but they can add storage to any space. The elegant Logiko Bookcase Sideboard offers spare lines and a beautiful top combined with internal lighting and transparent doors which show off the contents you place there. This sideboard can work amazingly in the living room, placing its contents at eye-level with seating, and offering a surprising amount of surface space for mixing drinks or accessorizing.

The Tracer Sideboard is much more slim and narrow, with attractive lines and a tapered top, completed by rounded edges. A smaller footprint makes the Tracer an excellent choice for hallways and rooms where space is limited—but a big impact is non-negotiable!

The Lavender Sideboard hides its contents behind a gorgeously-textured front with metallic finish, one that catches the eye and the light. Structurally simple but impeccably designed, this sideboard is a great all-around choice for storage, style, and presence.

To the Side

Consoles allow us to get crafty: they’re excellent in hallways and especially near the front door, as a handy place to drop keys and sunglasses on the way in. Many consoles have drawers which make them ideal for small-scale organization.

The Align Console is a larger example with plenty of storage, and a very strikingly linear design. A much smaller footprint than sideboards allows the Align to add a big dash of storage and style to narrow or limited spaces. Visual pop and a place to stow and organize—a winning combo!

The sculptural Madrid Console is ideal if you want a more graceful piece in your home. Its small footprint, visually-striking pedestal and supports, and plentiful surface space with two drawers make the Madrid both aesthetically and functionally lovely.

The aptly-named Oh Console is a surprising piece. Purely minimalist in style, made from a steel frame topped by glass, the Oh’s absolutely tiny footprint makes it applicable in any room, and versatile enough to play many roles. Gorgeous and uncomplicated, the Oh fulfils whatever function you need—small sideboard for drinks, small table for flowers, small ledge for accessories.

At Home In Any Space

Consoles and sideboards can play a big part in getting your home back to its glory. The pandemic has created a wave of clutter, and as it recedes, a little extra organization and some fabulously functional furnishings might be just what you need. Whether you’re into bold and big, or simple and small, we’ve got just the piece for you!

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