Two Trendy Finishes

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

November 25, 2019

Finishes can really enhance the qualities of well-designed furniture by showcasing their surfaces. The finish makes a huge difference in how a piece fits into a room or sets a mood. While we see the value and potential in all finishes, and even unfinished surfaces, today we’re focused on two finishes: matte and high gloss.

Matte finishes are a perfect fit for contemporary furniture. They’re definitely subtle, but they can enhance the natural grain of wood, especially when applied to exotic woods. Matte finishes are easy to work into decor, and very good at creating sophisticated, understated impressions. Matte finishes are created by creating paints that contain less binders and more pigment, which scatter light, creating a richer color and matte effect. We saw lots of matte finishes in Milan last year, so we’re thinking a North American comeback is on the way.

High gloss finishes are more timeless than matte finishes and always in high demand. Perhaps this is because high gloss calls to mind luxury for many people. High gloss finishes look clean, and have a mirror-like reflectiveness and gorgeous sheen. High gloss finishes incorporate more binders that don’t scatter light, making them reflective.

Aria Table

We love Aleal’s Aria table in a matte finish. The strong and angular design of this dining table, combined with a matte finish, creates an attractive sense of gravity that’s ideal for a piece which already creates a focal point. A strong presence can be complemented by a subtle matte finish.

Shiva Table

Il Loft’s line of Shiva tables demonstrate the power of simplicity. These low tables are unassuming at first glance, but the craftsmanship and design are strongly demonstrated by the curved and graceful surfaces. A matte finish adds the perfect touch.

Alchemy Dining Table

The Alchemy dining table from Giorgio is a masterpiece with a larger than life presence and elegance. Supported by a remarkable stainless steel base, the tabletop is crafted from tiger African sycamore with mother of pearl and white maple inlays. Nothing short of an opulent, durable, and high gloss finish could complete such a regal presence.

Defile Dresser

The Defile dresser from Jesse is a restrained, clean demonstration of design mastery. Simplicity reaches the sublime in clean, efficient, and spare lines. Stainless steel handles are all that interrupt the surface of this dresser, making the high gloss finish a great choice to create a luxurious effect.

Spectacular Surfaces

High gloss finishes are popular for a reason: they’re clean, they gather and reflect light and really pop, especially in subdued rooms. The popularity of matte finishes varies, but when done well they create an unmatchable aura of sophistication. The pieces we’ve listed have different finish options, but we think their essence is best captured by the ones we’ve shown. If you want a closer look, please come by our showroom and learn more about how the right finish can make all the difference for you.

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