Turn your home into a dream beach house!

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 27, 2016

Even if you don’t quite live on the coast, you can still refresh and invigorate your space with elements of beach house style, bringing in a virtual whiff of salt air. While it’s laid-back by definition, the dream beach house look can still be very contemporary — just don’t confuse coastal with full-on nautical, which can look a little kitsch. Think seafoam-colored glass worn smooth by the waves, not navy blue stripes and anchors. Keep any motifs subtle and be ready to let whites and neutrals dominate.

Tactile pleasures are an important part of any trip to the beach; think back to hot sand beneath your feet, slippery seaweed, rough rocks. Bringing that coastal feel into your home means incorporating lots of exciting textures, to create variety and visual interest. The Meri-6 Chandelier and Meri Side Table, both made of pierced resin, are reminiscent of the textures of white coral and volcanic pumice. Rope and sisal are classic elements that can be worked into your interior design in a variety of ways, but if you are interested in something more permanent, consider a casual, flat weave area rug like the Comfort, in a sandy shade. Natural wood with visible rings is always welcome, and pieces like the Montana Coffee Table, made from twisted roots and branches, echo the forms of driftwood. The Muriel Chandelier and Cloud Ceiling and Table Lights resemble bubbles and offer a lovely subtle thematic link to the ocean.

Draw your color inspiration from the sea, sky and sand, with a few pastels tossed in to keep things interesting. Aqua blue or turquoise with white is a fresh combination which brings the ocean indoors, but if blue walls don’t appeal opt for a gentle neutral instead. Whitewashed walls, floorboards and furniture all look beautifully beachy, and little variations in the finish only add to the appeal. Accent with a few dashes of pale yellow, dusty pink or seafoam green, and accessorize with blue and green glass, reminiscent of bottles washed up on the beach. The Topaz and Baban light fixtures echo this vintage-inspired look very prettily. Keep floral arrangements loose and relaxed — think wildflowers in white or muted colors, standing in mercury glass vases or enamel milk jugs.

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