Trendy Color Palettes for Each Room

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

April 7, 2015

Every season tends to have a fresh set of colors to try and they range from bold and daring (2015’s color of the year, Marsala) to soft and neutral (this season’s color darling blush).The beauty of both bold and neutral options means there is lots of room to play with color. That being said, no one wants to go through the arduous task of painting a room and not liking the end result. To increase your likelihood of satisfaction, we’ve created a quick guide on colours for each room, using this season’s trendiest colours.

Bedroom: Tranquility is key in your bedroom as it’s the place where you begin and end your day. Encourage a restful night’s sleep with blue– the color is linked to lowering blood pressure and is known to aid falling asleep. Pale blue is serene and uplifting to wake up to.

Living room: This is probably the room you most actively use to veg out and spend time with family and friends. Since this space is often lively and entertaining, use it as an opportunity to be your boldest. Recreate a movie theatre’s dark ambiance with charcoal blue. Liven it up with crisp, white baseboards, natural light, colourful art and vibrant lighting like the Logico Triple Linear Suspension Lamp. Other bold colour options are eggplant purple and olive green.

Powder room: Most powder rooms are under 30 sq ft of commitment, so go wild! Dream big for this small space and commission a mural with hits of Greek blue, or mimic the mural effect with a painterly printed wallpaper.

Kitchen: For a lot of us much of the morning is spent in the kitchen– packing lunches, making breakfast and having that much needed coffee. Since the beginning of the day can often be the most hectic, setting the right tone is key and paint colour can help with that. Swap out the traditional yellow and get an equally uplifting and cheerful colour by choosing a silvery green. It’s super energizing yet soothing, and goes well with almost any other colour.

Remember when it comes to paint especially, rules are meant to be broken, so be driven by your gut. If you think a colour will work in a room give it a try, and paint a swatch of it on the wall.

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