Tips To Give Your Home That “Wow” Impact

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

October 6, 2020

First impressions are important. In life, you only get one. At home, they keep a space interesting and make it exciting for our guests. We’re huge fans of the WOW factor, bringing on the bold, bright, big, surprising furnishings and design elements that thrill the senses.

When introducing the ‘WOW factor’ into your home, it pays to be cautious. If you go overboard, your space will seem distracting and chaotic, and if you don’t go big enough, you’ll be haunted by the sense that your space is boring. The following pieces are great starting points.

Spectacular Samples

This summer, we finished a project redoing a condo in Fort Lauderdale that was all about WOWING people. A custom floor to ceiling mirrored wall in the living room was a major feature, building on the themes for the place and treating the eye to something totally unexpected. Talk about accent walls!

Custom work never fails to build ‘wow factor’, but there isn’t always the budget, intent, or time for it. In such cases, furnishings and decor will have to do—there’s so much they offer!

One stunning piece we used prominently in the Fort Lauderdale project was the Central Mirror. This impressive mirror presents a surprising geometry from any angle, splitting in the middle and presenting a circular, flat face. With three reflections all at different angles, this mirror will wow onlookers.

Furnishings don’t need to be maximalized to make a splash. For example, the Air Shelf 0381 makes a grand impression without any flashiness. In fact, the relative absence of vertical supports is what makes the shelves appear to float, creating a wow factor by taking away an expected part of shelving.

The dramatic PostKrisi Suspension Lamp creates a bold impression with its split sphere design and raw edges. We are used to lighting that’s united and smooth, and the PostKrisi’s departure from that style is what makes it unexpected and interesting, making it perfect for bringing a bit of danger into a space that would otherwise be dull.

The impressive Leaf Lampadario features handmade leaf pendants hanging from a mirrored base with built-in LEDs—optional gold leaves creating a brilliant contrast. This unforgettable suspension lamp is a centerpiece, the one in our showroom never fails to catch plenty of attention.

The Lucky Bird Garden Statue is a very unexpected piece, bringing the wow factor to the outdoor space. Multiple colors, shapes, and textures combine in a playful design that nobody will expect—especially if it’s lurking among plants!

World of WOW

The WOWfactor can be as simple as small and creative changes to an established space, especially if it’s already gorgeous. A little surprise, visual interest, or splendor can keep a space more interesting for us over time, which helps elevate our mood and energy as well.

You don’t need to rebuild a space or get custom work to make it look astonishing. Sometimes all a humdrum home needs to shine is a splash of designer style.

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