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January 29, 2018

One of the leading modern furniture designers of the 20th century, Milo Baughman is a name to remember. A pioneer in modern design, Baughman’s design philosophy was that good design will endure. In 1953, Baughman began collaborating with Thayer Coggin and maintained this relationship up until his death in 2003. Over the years his work has been reinvented and revived which shows the influence of his relaxed and timeless designs. Uniquely American and very forward-thinking, here are some of the collections classic pieces that are availabe at Sklar.

Design Classic 1092 Chair
Seemingly sleek and what appears to be simple in design, make no mistake, immense attention was poured into every detail of the 1092 chair. Its unconventional styling is what attracts attention from discerning buyers, while its top-quality construction demands respect. Chairs like this are not created with mass-production in mind. Each piece sets the standard of what’s considered good taste.

Swanky Buffet
Add some swank to your space with the original Swanky Buffet. The combination of function and exclusive design make it the perfect place to store your dining room essentials. Uncompromisingly modern, this buffet is original and classic in look. Love color? Make a real splash in your interior design and get it in red, blue or green.

Stainless Steel Drum Table
Substantial in size yet easy to move, the drum tables are a handsome addition to your design. They look great individually or when used in tandem, and the satin luster stainless steel look stands the test of time. The essential form and function of these occasional tables and their its simplicity makes for an eye-catching stand-alone accent piece in just about any room in your home.

Design Classic Sofa
Sophisticated yet unpretentious in style, the Design Classic Sofa is crafted from a sustainably sourced wood frame in minimal, clean lines. We love this sofa — its simple silhouette and generously plush cushions exude timeless modern appeal. A set of slender metal base supports make this sofa hover over floor spaces, furthering its minimalist effect and promoting an open concept in a variety of living spaces.

Today, the company is run by Thayer Coggin’s daughter. Committed to ensuring the same level of standards, she scours the Internet and ebay for originals of Baughman’s classic designs in order to make sure when they reintroduce one of the original pieces, it is done exactly as it was done in the 1900’s.

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