The Uncompromised Quality of Italian Leather Furniture

Italy is globally renowned for many things, including their luxurious leathers. The country’s tanneries are small, family-owned, and multi-generational. Uncompromised quality is the priority, not mass production.

At Sklar Furnishings we carry a premium range of Italian leather sofa brands, and many of the sofas are modular to personalize your space. They double as statement pieces while providing the comfort that makes your space inviting.

Why Is Italian Leather the Industry Standard?

Quality leather is produced in many regions of the world, but few tanneries invest the time and attention as Italy’s master tanners. These skilled artisans pass their knowledge down through the generations, many of whom draw on over 100 years of expertise. The tanning process alone takes up to 60 days.


In 1974, dear friends Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti joined forces to turn their passion for luxury leather furniture into the globally revered Gamma Arredamenti brand. Ghetti’s family owned an artisan leather company, and the pair worked together to design their furniture collections.

Their Cocoon modular sofas are a shining example of how premium leather can be shaped for contemporary designs. It has the soft, smooth, and durable leather you expect from a master tanner. The color is dyed in a modern shade and the exquisite leather latticework is the finishing touch.


Cierre was founded in 1972 by Romano and Cesarina Conficconi. This husband and wife team’s story is unique because they were the first in the industry to have a company that incorporates the full production cycle, from design to production to a finished product.

It was more than a business, but an expression of their love. Keeping with the multi-generational tradition, their son Stefano is Cierre’s current designer and his son Gian Marie is very involved in the business as well. Their legacy is sure to live on.

Part of Cierre’s 2022 collection, this custom-made modular sofa pushes the limits of what can be done with leather. The way the leather curves around the seats creates an unexpected ruched effect. The minimal design pops with decorative chrome bars that can only be seen from the often-forgotten design areas—the sides and the back.


Bracci is a family-owned brand, founded in 1964 in Florence, Italy. The Bracci family initially focused on the local European market. As their reputation for meticulous quality and modern aesthetic spread, they limited production to the US market. Although they only sell to the US, their leather and custom-made designs are made 100% in Italy.

You know a Bracci piece when you see one, as their signature aesthetic is incomparable. They offer a range of clean and contemporary sofa designs. Two of their most popular pieces are the Living sectional and the Glamour sectional. Although similar in aesthetics, the difference is in the details.

Bracci understands the unique preferences of the American clientele and has tailored their models accordingly. The seat heights are slightly higher, providing optimal comfort, while the depth is not as deep. The seats are also firmer, meeting the expectations of American customers who desire a specific level of support.

In the Market for an Italian Sofa?

The luxurious leather pieces above can be found at or ordered from Sklar. We also offer interior design services for both residential and commercial clients. Reach out today to learn more!

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