The Importance of Sustainability for Sklar

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

June 26, 2019

Since inception in 2002, sustainability has been at the core of Sklar Furnishing’s principles. In a time where consumers are becoming savvy and more socially aware about the consequences of their purchasing habits, the responsibility lies with businesses like ours to provide ethical products.  This mega-trend is here to stay and crucial to the future of Sklar Furnishings both economically and environmentally.

At Sklar, we have ensured that the strategy of the company and our sustainability efforts are proactive and aligned. At various touch points throughout our business operations; we have showcased our commitment to a sustainable future. 

  • Sklar continually seek ways to reduce energy consumption on our showroom floor. We have replaced all light bulbs with LED lighting, while also ensuring all lights and technical equipment are turned off at the end of each day. Recycling bins have been added to our showroom and offices, putting a further emphasis on customers and staff to recycle paper and plastic.
  • Our business manages primary materials and services in a more sustainable direction. Efforts are now in place to affiliate with furniture vendors and companies who manufacture furniture in a sustainable way. When acquiring new vendors, we always investigate on how the furniture is made and what materials it contains, while also abiding by SFC’s (Sustainable Furnishings Council) guidelines on the “What’s it made of?” initiative. 
  • Most recently, we have started to educate and promote the promise of sustainability with our new ‘Green Committee’. This group was assembled to generate new ideas and ways to conserve energy and resources. 
  • Sklar provide all kinds of info for staff regarding places to donate personal items. As well as being partners with Habitat, we also donate products we can’t sell in the showroom and people reuse them. Nothing goes to waste!

At Sklar Furnishings, we are also committed to the responsible use of forest resources, including the wood used in our furniture. Therefore, we work with our suppliers on an ongoing basis to eliminate wood from improper sources and to increase the amount of responsible wood (wood from certified and recycled/reclaimed sources) procured over time. Made from reclaimed wood, the Sorrento Buffet embodies today’s mixed modern eclectic look while also being ultra eco-friendly.

Another of our super-stylish and environmentally friendly vendors is Huppe. With pieces such as The Connection Dining table and The Linea Bedroom Collection, this Canadian made furniture has a carbon footprint close to zero.

In essence, we believe the sustainable practices channelled throughout our business operations will result in a greater chance of long-term success. Sklar will be less dependent on natural resources and have more ways to deal with rising costs due to climate change. Becoming an industry leader in sustainability may also encourage similar businesses and vendors to follow suit, all leading to a prosperous future for generations to come.  

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