The Fifth Wall

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 31, 2020

The four walls of a room are where we focus a lot of decorative energies: they help make a room what it is. But there is also a fifth wall. The ceiling can be taken for granted: it covers up the electrical, air, and plumbing systems above and often we let that be its only purpose. There is a lot of potential over our heads, and a lot of the time it’s unused.

Changing the ceiling from so-so to spectacular is worth it, and can make a big difference in the style and mood of a room. Small differences in lighting, texture, and style can add up to make a big difference. Wondering how to do it? We’ve got some pointers to inspire you!

Beyond the Four Walls

Most ceilings are pretty boring. Often they’re left as a flat surface painted white. Your ceilings don’t need the intricate frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, but even some slight texture can add a lot. We’re not talking about popcorn ceilings. While it may sound crazy, you can get excellent results by applying wallpaper.

Yes, it seems like a challenge (it’s much easier with modern wallpaper) and can be tricky to pull off, but wallpaper can make a dramatic difference—much like how applying patterns and texture to the walls can create gorgeous environments. Brands like Casamance and Villa Nova create wonderful patterns and textures that look gorgeous and work on ceilings. Wallpaper can make a room seem ‘taller’ than it is, and contrasting colors can create breathtaking effects. Even using wallpaper to compliment furniture or accessories can tie a room together.

Lighting Elements

You don’t have to wallpaper your ceiling to make it pop. Sometimes a great light fixture will do wonders for a space, as they send light up and down in different ways, and provide a focal point which draws the eye upwards. If your ceiling is papered or painted, lighting will subtly cast the color across the room, increasing the effect.

Gorgeous and impressive lighting fixtures such as the Macchina della Luche, Fil de Fer Nuvola, or Gold Moon Chandelier can transform a room or build a mood. Less imposing pieces such as the PostKrisi suspension lamp can be used to add both illumination and contemporary style without challenging the atmosphere. The Lederam Manta is an excellent choice as its style is very flexible, allowing for a mix and match approach and ensuring it will work when furniture, paint, or wallpaper are changed.

Start Looking Up

The ceiling can make an incredible contribution to a room, and to really get the effect you want, you should include it in your decor planning. An interesting ceiling can finish a space, especially if it compliments or contrasts in an interesting way. Want to look up to something a bit more beautiful? Check out our showroom and speak to our designers, or browse online for the fixture that will build up your fifth wall!

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