The Art of Dining on Glass

In the wide world of dining tables, there’s something spectacular about glass. This material has a long history of delighting the senses, and it’s surprisingly functional as well—the size and structure of some glass furnishings can be stunning. Glass dining tables are a favorite around Sklar, due to their simplicity, their durability, and their ability to keep a room open and bright.

With just a little bit of care, a glass table can easily look new for years to come, and they pair well with our bright and bold South Florida color palette, as well as the brighter neutral tones of Contemporary Coastal style. The transparency of a glass table helps open the dining room and makes it seem larger. Finally, if you have a delightful rug or gorgeous carpet you want to show off or keep visible, a glass table is a no-brainer!

Gorgeous and Glassy

While they’re always the most colorful options, glass tables can have plenty of texture, as demonstrated by the scintillating Transeo. This masterful table has a large presence and plenty of space, but the legs with their crackled texture and tumbled forms really create a sense of drama that elevates the dining space.

Glass dining tables are not only gorgeous and easy to maintain, but they can even be extendable. The Quartz 72 Allungabile has extension leaves that gracefully tuck in when there’s no need for them. With a thick and straight-lined glass table top and origami-like metal base, this table adds a creative flair and adapts to dinner parties or intimate weekend breakfasts.

The Gran Canal 72 proves that even more traditional forms work well in glass. With its classic profile and rounded legs that remind one of turned wood, this table is a playful and chic update on a timeless style. This table’s stately yet simultaneously cheeky presence can make any space feel less stuffy and serious while keeping it grounded.

Round tables can make the most of a smaller space, or perfectly accentuate a rounded room. Some glass round tables are so striking they make ideal impact pieces, verging on art, but still function as dining tables.The Fili D’erba 72 is a round dining table with a dramatic base, one that evokes the sculptural qualities of glass as well as its texture.

The Neolitical table features an even more dramatic base of hand-made woven glass strips, creating a truly architectural impression that’s attractive from 360 degrees. The Bamboo 72, no less sublime, features a more regular form that takes inspiration from the leaning shapes of a bamboo thicket as the table support, and offers a large surface for accessories and diners.

Distinguished Dining

Besides style, ease of maintenance, and transparency, glass is amazingly versatile—glass tables can be crafted in traditional forms and some breathtaking glass-specific styles as well. Don’t know what glass dining table is right for you, your lifestyle, and your space? Contact us and we’ll help get you started!

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