The 2018 Fall/Winter Color Forecast

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

September 18, 2018

In the middle of our 22,000 square foot showroom, you’ll find the Sklar design library, with thousands of fabric samples for our furniture, and even finishing details like window coverings, trimmings, flooring and wall coverings.

Every six months the Pantone Color Institute unveils the latest color trends for the upcoming seasons and we’re excited to bring these new tones in our showroom. We source our modern furniture fabrics and leathers to give you a myriad of creative color options, to ensure your furnishings reflect your personal style, with a color palette that’s perfectly put together and on trend.

Moving away from the stark, minimalist colors of the past, the new season brings a palette of warm autumn colors and rich jewel tones with backdrops of subtle, sophisticated classics and modern neutrals. Here are the top new colors from the Pantone Color Report!


Red PearA deep, sumptuous red, as warming as a fine wine.
Valiant Poppy – A sophisticated burst of brilliance that can make any room bloom.
Nebulas Blue A bright, modern take on traditional Greek Blue.
• Ultra VioletThis ultra-versatile indigo plays both ways, making everything it touches look lavishly luxurious or breathtakingly bold.
Quetzal Green A deep peacock green, this color adds glamour and grace, as its richness and grandeur unfold.
Sargasso Sea A dark, boundless blue that can serve to anchor other pieces – as a wall color or as a bold accent.


Ceylon Yellow Spice up any room with this exotic blend of warm yellow with a soupçon of chartreuse.
Russet Orange Russet Orange brings the warmth and richness of autumn leaves and earthen elegance into your home.
Limelight – Imagine the forest at golden hour. Add a touch of effervescent green, and let any piece of contemporary furniture bask in the limelight.
MeerkatLike the animal bearing its name, this toasty tobacco color plays well with others. Pair it with opposites like Quetzal teal green, or blend let it blend in with warm autumn reds and orange.

For a big “wow” factor, combine these vivid colors against understated neutrals to give traditional or modern furniture the spotlight. Or use one bold stand-alone color in solids and prints, to make a dramatic statement.


Crocus Petal Who said light lavender couldn’t be the new neutral? This airy, growing trend sets off both oak and leather furnishings beautifully.
Martini OliveFor a deeper neutral, drink in the smooth sophistication of this urbane, earthy green.
TofuTofu is a soft, creamy white that’s at home with either ornate Asian or sleek, modern furniture.
Almond BuffA warm camel hue with understated versatility. Set off blues, teals, reds and orange with equal aplomb.
Quiet Gray It looks like gray is here to stay. But for a modern twist, try pairing it with Russet Orange or Sargasso Sea.

For more design ideas visit the Sklar Furnishings showroom, or get inspired right here, on our website.

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