Tech-savvy Furnishings

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 10, 2020

Tech-savvy Furnishings

In the past two decades, we’ve seen technology enter every part of our lives and our homes. Furniture has worked hard to keep pace, evolving with the times as well as incorporating technology into some amazing new products. 

We searched through our inventory and found three examples of how technology is changing the world of furnishings, and how that can improve your life, make your spaces more beautiful and tech more seamless to use!

Jesse Icon Nightstand

The Icon Nightstand from Jesse is a wonderful addition to any bedroom in its own right. Regular and clean lines combine with built-in storage to complement your refuge from the world and store your necessities.

So far, so good—but add the optional wireless charger to the nightstand and suddenly there’s no more fiddling with cords when it’s time to sleep: just put down your compatible device and wake up to a full battery. Smart, simple, and definitely sharp!

Harlequin Mattresses

We simply have to mention Literie Laurier’s line of Harlequin Mattresses when discussing tech in furniture. These sublime mattresses redefine what you can expect from bedding, and use technology to great effect.

With their whisper quiet and silky smooth fluid joint technology built in, these mattresses offer total adjustability and don’t require a dedicated bed frame—plus different heights and sizes to suit the frame of your choice.

Premium, high tech, and organic materials are combined in these handcrafted mattresses for semi-firm and softer options. Most of the Harlequin line also comes with high performance coverslips to keep sleepers at a comfortable temperature all night long. Combine that with wireless adjustability via Bluetooth and totally adjustable, supportive comfort will be at your fingertips!

Elite Victor Desk

The home office has always been a hub of technology, even back in the days when it was just a phone, a calculator, and a typewriter! However, these days the home office is often a power-hungry place which can lead to a tangle of cables, cords, and wires. 

Enter Elite’s Victor Desk, which combines aesthetic and cable management brilliance in one extremely attractive design. The dramatic V swoop of the support does more than just look good—it contains a powerstrip with built-in surge protector, USB outlets, and even wired internet socket. A magnetically latched access hatch keeps everything out of sight until you need it.

Keeping your office space free of clutter and tangles of wires can help you stay focused and make it a much more pleasant space for working. Sometimes the right furniture simply helps lighten the burden of technology.

Evolution of Furniture

Technology has changed our lives in many ways, and at its best, furniture has helped make the transitions easier to bear. In some cases furnishings have changed entirely as they adapt technological advances, demonstrating the new possibilities and comforts we can enjoy as part of the progress.

If you’re looking for some fine tech-infused furnishings to supercharge your life, we can help you find that ideal piece!

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