Get the Look: Metallic Accents

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration

March 28, 2017

Metallics come in two broad categories; warm and cool (sometimes called yellow and white, respectively). Gold, copper, brass and bronze are warm, while stainless steel, silver and platinum are cool. Any one of them can be used to add a punch of shine and contrast, warming up or cooling down your space.

Popular metallic looks
Silver is virtually foolproof as an accent, whether you choose to use it in small doses or large. It complements whites, and contrasts with strong colors. Silver pillows, planters and light fixtures add sparkle and interest. Cool metals, particularly stainless steel, are almost ubiquitous in kitchens, but warm metals offer an exciting alternative. The warmth of copper or brass creates a welcoming impression that guests are sure to appreciate.

For a long time, brass suffered from its association with the design trends of the 1980s, but it has made a comeback as a more restrained metallic than silver or gold. The key to modern brass is to opt for a raw or unpolished finish, rather than the ultra-shiny look of old. The striking Praetorian Dining Table is available in a brass base that offsets its seared oak top beautifully, while the Segno Dining Table features an antiqued dark brass base that’s perfectly of the moment.

Copper has also seen a surge of popularity in recent years, and is extremely versatile. It fits in with a range of decor styles, including industrial, and can be styled to look modern or retro, feminine or masculine. The Speedform Chandelier is a great example of contemporary copper.

Take it further
If you really love the metallic look, there’s no reason to stick to just accents. Metal bathtubs make a striking addition to the bathroom – as an added bonus, they also tend to retain heat better than ceramic tubs, meaning you can soak for longer. Wall coverings with metallic elements create constantly shifting shine and sparkle, subtly reflecting and amplifying the light in the room. For the kitchen or bathroom, consider updating to metallic tiles, like Karim Rashid’s collection for Alloy. Ralph Lauren also offers a luxurious metallic paint for walls.


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