Statement Chandeliers

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 19, 2015

There is no question that lighting changes a room and the fixtures you choose are a key component in shaping it. Chandeliers are commonly associated with communal, more traditional areas of the home like foyers and dining rooms but today, they are commonplace in almost any room. They have the functionality of providing lighting, all the while making a powerful, visual statement.

While traditional chandeliers remain stylish, we are now experiencing a mid-century revival. Quirky, playful and experimental designs, many inspired by outer space, from the 50s, 60s and 70s, are popular again.

If you or someone you know has originals in your home, it’s time to bring these pieces out (if you haven’t already!) but, if you are not lucky enough to have access to originals, there are new versions available.

These are four rooms we’ve seen transformed with the clever use of mid-century, modern inspired lighting.

Dining Rooms and Foyer

These areas of the home grant the biggest opportunity to make a statement with lighting. To say the Leaf Chandelier does this job well would be an understatement. At an impressive 57 inches in length, with its fluttering pieces of leaf-inspired glass, this is a piece that will continue to inspire and mesmerize you, not just your guests.


Many kitchens have islands used for both food preparation and family dining.  The coziness of these spaces can be taken to new heights, and become reminiscent of a diner, with the use of hanging lamps like the Neutra.  Try selecting something similar – its shape means the light is diffused uniformly, and remember, dimmers are key when it comes to hanging lamps! After all, lighting for a sneaky midnight snack is very different from the lighting you need for prepping dinner.

Cottage/Beach Home

What makes many cottages so cozy and easy to decorate is their fun-loving mish mash of décor. One way to make a statement and embrace this eclectic theme is with the Bloom Suspension Lamp.  This is something your family will remember having at the cottage forever. At the same time, you can always ground the eccentricities with a sleeker piece like the Cielo.   Several of these pieces can be grouped to make a statement or hung separately, providing just enough lighting for a quiet reading nook.


Lighting in a bedroom needs to be charming and quiet, providing a sense of calm as you ease into and out of your day. Choose a piece like the Alain Chandelier. Its tinted glass provides the necessary filtering of light and its hidden crystals – revealed when the light is turned on – create a sense of romance and whimsy that’s bound to inspire.

When choosing lighting think about the purpose of the room and how lighting fixtures can help you achieve this. Remember design is key – the shape of the fixture and its filters determine the way light is distributed through the space.  Ultimately it impacts the mood of the room and how well you function within it.

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