Squeezing Space Out of Your Home

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

November 18, 2020

Squeezing Space Out of Your Home

Maximizing space at home is a constant struggle for many of us. As furniture and our stuff piles up we begin to feel cramped and stressed. In any size home, maximizing space is necessary.

We have all faced a lot of changes in the past few months. The biggest change is more people staying and working at home. With this being said,  keeping it roomy and functional is more important than ever. Sklar Furnishings to the rescue!  We’ve got the steps to take and furnishings that can help!

Take Action

The first step you need to take is: declutter! Anything you haven’t worn or used in the last year should go—we recommend donating unused or lightly used items to organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Once you’ve decluttered, clean everything and everywhere, from the backs of dressers to the tops of ceiling fans. Consider repainting or even hanging wallpaper. Soothing colors and patterns can give a spacious and calming impression. Come into our showroom and we can work with you on a new fresh color palette!

Be creative with your space. Is there a dining room you’re not using? Turn it into a guest room, or a relaxation room away from the TV. Underused furniture? Try using it in a different way or find a new place for it. A dresser can replace a console at the front door and become a storage tool.

Ask yourself what you can store outside vs inside. Outdoor storage like a shed can keep your bike and other gear cleared away. If you don’t have that option, work to find spaces to tuck away outdoor pieces, make them part of your design, so they don’t stick out.

Finally, the habit of tidying up will pay back your effort in no time. Putting your things  away when you get home and not letting stuff pile up in odd places will keep things tidy.

Flexible Furnishings

The Livingstone Extendable Dining Table can help you make the most of your space with two extendable sections on gorgeous metal hinges. The Myles Dining Table is ideal for smaller spaces, and features two sliding sections to expand for company.

Custom closets like Tumedei’s convertible wall unit Composition 277 can replace a den, office, and guest bedroom, provide lots of storage, and can be configured to make the most of any space. The Gravity Wardrobe can transform a wall with serious capacity and lovely aesthetics.

With a sofa like the Adalyn Comfort Sleeper, you can use your guest bedroom as an office or workout room while still providing an excellent bed when your mother-in-law comes knocking.

If your kitchen island is cluttered with boxy barstools and your dining room is crowded with chairs, get the best of both worlds with the Doris P Barstool, with a gas cylinder that can rise to the occasion or be lowered for use at the dining table.

Room to Thrive

Some creativity and effort can help you cut clutter and make rooms feel roomy again. Good furniture can do the rest, giving you the flexibility and unexpected storage to squeeze every drop of space out of your home. After all, your home is a place for you and your loved ones, not for your stuff!

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