Smarter Smaller Spaces

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 18, 2020

Designers often hear how their clients have trouble living in smaller spaces. Nothing seems to fit right and the space becomes uncomfortable. The process to find the right furniture while still being functional can be hard, but we are here to help make it easier for you.

Small spaces can be a challenge, but the following furnishings are up to making them usable, beautiful, and comfortable.

Smart, Small & Superb

We have to start with Tumidei’s On/Off Alcova Wall Unit, a fabulous piece designed from the ground up to maximize the use of space. This beautiful integrated unit can be configured to expand into a bed, bench, or wardrobe to provide a dual-use piece that’s ideal for flex rooms and compact places where every square foot counts.

The Bowie Comfort Sleeper from American Leather is the gold standard of pullout beds, with a slim profile that saves space when used as a couch, and a pullout bed that stays high off the ground for a more comfortable sleep. Ideal for transforming a smaller living room or any side room into a comfortable guest room. Your biggest issue here will be getting your guests to leave!

Tonelli’s Livingstone Extendable Dining Table combines modern aesthetics with the classic extendable dining table. Sturdy, built-in wings are attached by chromed metal mechanisms and tucked under the table as part of the design, not hidden or recessed. Gorgeous folded or unfolded, this table is available in many sizes and finishes to suit any size and style of room.

Few pieces we have can transform as dramatically as Ozzo Italia’s A4 Extendable Console Table. In its console configuration, it’s sleek enough to fit unnoticed in a hall or alcove, while still offering enough surface area for decor and storage. When company comes knocking, this table can be unfolded to seat up to 10 people—a telescopic mechanism makes setup quick and easy. Crafted from gorgeous hardwood, with a contemporary appearance and functional essence, this table is beautifully flexible.

Get the best of both worlds with the Uno Ottoman from American Leather. This versatile ottoman features a comfortable footrest pillow that flips over to become a tray, essentially turning it into a coffee table. Available in both square and circular models, with castor wheels and plentiful finish and upholstery options, this ottoman is the ideal way to double the potential in your living room without crowding it. Our Design Team use a pair in front of the American Leather sleepers to store bedding—plus they roll out of the way easily!

Overcoming Small Spaces

Thoughtful and versatile furnishings can maximize your use of small spaces, and also create the style and mood you desire. There’s a beauty to furniture that’s well-designed and multi-purpose, and the examples above are noteworthy for their ability to reduce frustration and maximize openness, creating a peaceful and roomy impression regardless of the physical limitations of the space.

Dealing with a tricky small space? Wondering how to make it more functional? We’ve got all the expertise to help you think big in small spaces. Give us a shout, pay us a visit, or browse online.

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