Sklar: Your Design Destination

If you’re dreaming of changing your space, and desire nothing short of the best design, we are a great place to start. Helping clients realize their dreams and delivering the joy of a well-appointed, gorgeous space that makes them happy, is what our Design Team sets out to do.

Whether you’re in South Florida or really anywhere, we can meet with you in person or virtually to understand your vision and your needs. If you have a commercial or residential space, we’re ready to make it different and make it yours.

Recent Work

Our design approach is a blend of art and science. Three of our most recent projects demonstrate the care and capability of our design team, no matter the state or size of the project.

In Fort Lauderdale, we undertook the renovation of an entire condominium, exposing and illuminating the buried treasure underneath a beige beast. From custom finishes to exciting furnishings and stunning decor (and a spectacular wine room), our design team beautified the space and made it more liveable.

At Coconut Palm Estate, we completed a gorgeous interior design for a home that wasn’t even built yet! Working with floor plans and the client’s goals in mind, our design team created a beautiful contemporary style and rendered the resulting visual spaces so our client could put the home on the market as quickly as possible.

The possibilities are endless—presented with a bare canvas, our designer represented the client and included their connections to France and the United States by customizing their Amet dining chairs and including their art collection in the design from the start. We also worked in LED Crystal Wallpaper, a daring and delightful touch.

Our Secret Weapon

In addition to a design team that listens to and understands our clients’ needs, we have an ace up our sleeves in the form of our award-winning showroom. Winner of last year’s coveted Showroom of the Year award from the American Society of Interior Designers, our showroom is where we put our aesthetic ability on display, and you can tour our showroom 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

The showroom is where inspiration strikes, and thanks to our relationships with vendors across the world, we’re able to customize just about any piece of furniture with elements from the showroom, be they structural or material. Our designers tour our clients through the showroom to get a solid sense of what excites them and their ideals of style.

Let’s Make it Real

When it comes to interior design work, we’ve got a solid record of excellence and achievement in residential and commercial projects. We’re guided by our ultimate goal: to delight our clients and make them happy with their spaces!

So if you’ve got a dream, a plan, or a project you want to get started on, get it started at Sklar!

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