Retro is Modern

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 14, 2015

Style is cyclical so it’s inevitable that designs we adored decades ago have resurfaced. While reminiscing feels good, re-immersing your home in decades past needs to be avoided. Here’s how to infuse today’s retro-inspired items into the modern home.

1980s: The return of Memphis

Memphis: Everyone, ourselves included, were writing about the return of Memphis after the 2015 Salone del Mobile. The show, seen as a leader in interior design presented a big moment for Memphis, a look that is quintessentially 1980s. Key signifiers of the Memphis look are geometric shapes, big loud colours and plastic laminate. Celebrate Memphis with the Kartell Mademoiselle Dining Chair. Its geometric lines and polycarbonate frame scream Memphis and by mixing it with items inspired by other decades, for example, this very 1970s Ronaldo Shag Rug , you can create a look that is very current.

Brass is back. The most modern take on this look is patinated brass, which is much less fussy to take care of as you don’t have to worry about keeping it shiny. The Satin Brass Cube Cocktail Table combines both a modern take on brass and Memphis style. Its matted brass is modern while its cube base is very Memphis inspired.

1970s: The decade that never went away

The 1970s never went completely out of style. Dashes of it have prevailed in both fashion and interior design, long after the decade was over. The textures, patterns and colors of the 1970s are still influential and nothing exemplifies this more than the prevailing popularity of the shag carpet. Shag carpets like the Maltino Area Rug and Betona Shag Rug are perennial favorites and play well with looks inspired by other decades.

Arc floor lamps with metallic, dome-shaped fixtures are all the rage again, and straight out of the 1970s. Metallics like chrome and brass are a key part of the sought after mixed-modern eclectic look, and go well with reclaimed woods and chamcha.

Elaborate shelving, another hallmark of 1970s style has resurfaced through standing units like the Estoril Bookcase. Both decorative and practical, shelving can be used not only to house our favorite mementos, books and albums, but also modern speakers and televisions, as they no longer carry the heft the did in the 70s.

1960s: Quit gawking, start grooving

Wallpaper, once deemed completely passé, has recently gotten a full embrace in modern home design. Bold, geometric prints and florals reminiscent of the 60s are the most current take on the trend and can be mixed with modern pieces of furniture, for a fashion-forward look.

Nothing brings us more delight than the fanfare surrounding the EA 17 Chair. Many of us group up with the classic Eames Lounge in our parent’s home and it’s just as popular 60 years later.

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