Brand Feature: Reflex Angelo

Reflex Angelo is on another level when it comes to glass furnishings. One of the first companies to use high quality Murano glass in their designs, Reflex remains a family owned and operated business, with a father and son team still highly visible and involved, and branching into all types of furnishings. Since the 1940s, Reflex has paired Murano glass with a scintillating variety of materials to create their unforgettable pieces, which you simply have to see to believe.

The art of glass-making sees Reflex Angelo Italia set apart as leaders in the industry. Their refined glass forms and exquisite furniture offerings are adorned around the world.

Greatness in Glass

The Oh 72 certainly earns its name, as its lovely marble glass top and minimalist base create a wonderful impression. This uncomplicated design can come in fixed and extendable versions, either capable of elevating a dining room with a restrained and understated elegance that suits a distinguished space.

On the maximalist side, the Signore Anelli 72 is a dining table with a bold and full presence. A large, round etched glass tabletop provides plenty of space and style, paired with a cylindrical steel base that’s leather-clad with a quilted finish to create a truly opulent impression. Bronze embellishments complete this table’s gorgeous profile.


With its unique bundled glass pillars supporting a massive clear glass tabletop, the Transeo 72 is a stunning dining table capable of anchoring any room. With crackled glass imparting texture and depth to the supports, and steel elements reinforcing them, this dramatic table is proof of both Reflex’s mastery with glass, and its surprising textural depth. Using this as an executive desk or Board room table will bring your business to s new level of sophistication.

The almost tree-like, leather-clad legs of the Archimede 72 impart a sleek, daring style to this dining table. With a spacious top in marble glass, this table is an elegant centerpiece, and its unique remote-controlled extendable wings make it easy to add space for extra diners when company comes knocking.

The Foulard End Table is a very playful and inspired design. Crafted from a single formed sheet of glass, the table represents a tablecloth floating in the air, creating an ethereal and fun impression. The visual presence of this design is wonderful, and the sultry hues of glass take it over the top.

A Softer Side

Reflex Angelo doesn’t just work in glass. Their furniture collection is broad and includes such standouts as the GranTurismo Sofa, a modular design that’s styled as an homage to Italy’s automotive sector. With sweeping lines and sleek geometrical profiles, the GranTurismo is an adaptable, comfortable, and dramatic addition to any living space.


Ethos of Excellence

Reflex Angelo designs truly stunning tables, combining high-quality materials in new and unexpected ways to consistently deliver daring, dramatic, and dashing pieces. Their artfulness in combining tradition and technology isn’t limited to their tables, as demonstrated by their GranTurismo sofa, but in the realm of dining tables they have some truly unmatched pieces that can anchor, elevate, and distinguish a space. If you’re inspired to elevate your home with a Reflex piece, we have plenty to browse through—so go ahead, take a look!

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