Reclaimed Wood

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

March 2, 2015

If you want a durable piece of furniture with some true history to it, consider investing in a piece made from reclaimed wood. Most reclaimed wood comes from timber that was used to construct old factories, warehouses and barns that have since been torn down. Woods like longleaf pine, redwood and American chestnut, once plentiful and used widely for construction are now only found in large quantities when sourced from old buildings. Reclaimed wood goes through several processes including cleaning and drying to ensure its quality.

Whether it’s being infused subtly into a room through an accent item, or being made a focal point through a substantial piece like a table, reclaimed wood has the ability to both ground a room and make a statement.

The mixed modern eclectic look is one that we continue to revisit and refer to on this blog – the notion that today’s rooms bring together a number of influences and styles into one space. This is great news for the modern homeowner and collector because it means furniture once designated to a particular set or room is no longer mismatched when brought into the mix in another.

Reclaimed wood as a textile exemplifies the mixed modern eclectic look because it can be sourced from a number of places and comes in all sorts of conditions, yet it can be paired with something as modern as the Milena Dining Chair or as classic as the Ponti Dining Chair. When combined with the right accessories and palette, reclaimed wood can give a room a real modern edge.

The Sorrento Buffet embodies today’s mixed modern eclectic look. Made from reclaimed wood and metal, with lines inspired by mid-century modern design it has the feel of a 1960s buffet but it’s materials make it modern and fresh. Pair it with a glass dining table like the Policleto Ellittico Extendable Glass Dining Table for a truly fresh look.

When you think of reclaimed wood one of the first pieces that comes to mind for many is the farmhouse table. Their scale allowing the wood to be fully unveiled; it’s imperfections, grain, and knots on display, telling the story of where the wood came from.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a table made of reclaimed wood there are many options on the market that allow you to incorporate the trend into your home in more subtle ways. Coat hooks made from planks of reclaimed wood look wonderful in entryways and mudrooms, greeting people with a great deal of warmth and charm.

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