Outdoor Entertaining

With the summer heat fast approaching, we all want to maximize our time outdoors. The best way to make the most of your outdoor space is to bring the comfort you expect from interior furnishings by selecting the best in new durable materials.

Let’s take a look at a small sample of our outdoor selection and how we can make it the best space for you to relax and entertain in.

Smatrik Outdoor Chair

The Smatrik Outdoor Chair is a very intriguing design with an elegant form. A stylish and compelling polycarbonate seat and durable stainless steel frame make this a sturdy and ideal outdoor chair that won’t collect water in wet weather and dries out quickly when the sun returns. Whether dining, gathering or relaxing outdoors, the Smatrik is an excellent and distinguished choice for seating.

Suave Sofa

The Suave’s gracious curves and modular design make it versatile and welcoming, and advanced manufacturing techniques make it extremely comfortable, easy to clean, and durable as well. The Suave is an outdoor sofa like none other, capable of transforming an outdoor area into an outdoor living room.

Diva Sofa

Lounging in comfort is key and the Diva Sofa was designed with this in mind. This elegant and open design combines simplicity and comfort with sturdy and durable materials to create an excellent addition to the outdoor living room.

Following the elegance and simplicity of the Diva Sofa, the Diva Coffee Table is sublimely simple and crafted from sturdy and durable materials. This enchanting addition to your outdoor living room is a great place to put drinks, snacks, and decor accessories.

Polo Dining Table and Chairs

The Polo Table and Chairs feature an iconic and highly functional design that marries quality and clean, elegant lines, making it perfect for outdoor entertaining, whether you’re gathering for dinner or just drinks. The subtle hints of wood add character and a nice tactile element.

Life Outdoors

Creating an outdoor space this is right for your lifestyle is important. It starts with the foundation of a few key signature pieces, and from there the right accessories to make it perfect for you. The pieces above are just a sample of our complete selection of outdoor furnishings. We’re blessed with a great climate, so why not make the most of it?

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