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December 17, 2019

Few things complete a space like a quality rug. While bare floors are easy to clean, there’s no feeling quite like walking on a rug. A well-designed rug can set a comfortable mood and enhance the appeal and aesthetic mood of a space—they’re particularly well-suited to making living rooms extra gorgeous and welcoming, but they can also make bedrooms cozier, or offices more pleasant.

Quality rugs add both texture and style to a room, allowing you to pull off amazing looks. Well-made rugs, cared for properly, can withstand the footfalls (and even spills) of many years of comfortable living. .


The West carpet from Ditre uses wool and silk to establish a comfortable texture, but the contemporary design makes it flexible enough to work in a variety of spaces beyond the living room. An almost industrial pattern, like a blend of rust and weathered concrete, creates a solemn yet visually interesting motif.


Dellarobbia’s Willow area rug features a scintilla-tingly simple design paired with expert craftsmanship. Hand convex carving enhances the texture, a solid cotton backing ensures a high level of durability, and pure New Zealand wool piling creates an absolutely lovely texture.


The Prismatic Seaglass rug from Nourison comes up often because it is simply superb, with a gorgeous patterned design, and hand-tufted threads for premium texture. Crafted from a 50/50 blend of New Zealand wool and Luxcelle, this rug has a shimmery visual quality and luxurious and inviting feel.

Linie Design

The Ronaldo shag rug from Linie Design finds inspiration from the past, specifically the age where shag was king, and makes it contemporary. Thick piling made from a blend of comfortable New Zealand wool and durable polyester ensure that this rug provides a delightfully cozy texture that will last for many years. Available in a variety of colors, this rug can add a playful touch of attitude or a careful note of seriousness.

Design You Can Feel

If you’re feeling inspired, you owe it to yourself to visit our showroom, where we have a wide selection of rugs and carpets from the vendors above, plus many others. Rugs really have to be experienced firsthand to get a sense of their tactile and visual qualities. We recently found a renowned vendor from India, Chandra, who do stunning handcrafted rugs you can find in our showroom.

Rugs really do tie rooms together, and if you need a custom size to suit your room, our team of expert custom rug designers can easily have a rug prepared to precisely fit your space and needs—just make sure you plan ahead as it can take as long as 16 weeks! A gorgeous rug, or even a simple one, makes a living room more pleasant or inviting, and adds an interesting element to bare floors—plus they’ll absorb sound to reduce echoes in minimalist rooms.

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