Operation Christmas Child

By Sklar Furnishings

Giving Back

November 9, 2020

Operation Christmas Sklar

Despite a difficult and tumultuous year around the world and at home, there’s plenty to feel blessed about. This is the time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate at home and  it’s important to spread that feeling far and wide.

Sklar is and always has been very involved in and around our community—but giving doesn’t end at the border. Our founders, the Howards, have been involved with Operation Christmas Child since 1995, and Sklar’s been involved since we opened our doors. 

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child was started by Franklin Graham in 1993, when an Englishman asked him if he would be willing to use his name and audience to fill shoeboxes with gifts for children in Bosnia, which was in the midst of a bitter war.

Franklin agreed, and by Christmas time that year, over 28,000 shoe boxes packed with gifts were sent to children in the Balkans. The idea was popular and became Operation Christmas Child, which has taken place every year since. To date the organization has helped deliver over 178 million gifts to deserving children in more than 150 countries, spreading holiday cheer!

The idea is simple. Take a shoebox, decorate it with wrapping paper, and fill it with gifts that will brighten a child’s life. If you’re out of ideas,  they even provide some great ideas for girls and boys in three age brackets. The core of the box is the ‘wow item’, a medium-sized gift that will immediately delight. Then add other small toys and creative supplies like pencils, crayons, stickers—even crafted items or non-liquid toiletries.You have a lot of room to be creative and have fun! 

Why We Do It

Every year the Sklar team works to put together about 50-75 boxes. This project creates a rewarding feeling of being able to give back. Many of the deserving children who get these gifts lead difficult lives in troubled parts of the world, and sending a ray of sunshine their way can hopefully help make a difference for them and remind them that there’s people out there who care.

The Spirit of Christmas

Operation Christmas Child is a great way to get together and make the world better! You can track the box all the way to delivery which is exciting and a great way to know where your box is going! 

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