New Vendor Spotlight: Pedrali

By Sklar Furnishings

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November 13, 2019

To expand our capability for large commercial interior design projects, as well as offer new items for residential use, we have been seeking dependable and remarkable suppliers. Pedrali is one partner we’ve found, and we’re very excited to be working with them to provide you the best in world-class design and functionality. We’d love to introduce you to Pedrali, and highlight some of their stunning, uncomplicated, and well-made pieces.

Who are Pedrali?

Founded in 1963 in the northern Italian city of Palazzo sull’Oglio, Pedrali is a family-owned industrial design company specializing in furniture for contract, office, and residential use. An intense focus on process and quality has established Pedrali as one of the foremost purveyors of contemporary design. Their process involves step-by-step design and in-depth materials research to create furniture that is sustainably sourced, resilient, and scintillatingly brilliant.

REMIND Armchair

The REMIND stacking armchair has the flowing lines typical of late 19th century furniture, calling to mind rattan construction. These sinuous curves offer a pleasing profile from any angle, and six different seat finishes allow for a variety of contrasts and easy integration with different interior palettes to set a classy and elegant mood. Remind features durable polypropylene construction that can easily weather the elements, combined with a stackable design that makes this chair perfect for outdoor use and ideally suited to Florida’s climate.

SOUL Armchair

The SOUL armchair was created by blending contemporary materials and methods with the venerable techniques of yesteryear. By focusing on simplicity and minimalism, the design is functional, smooth, and very attractive. Built with an ash frame and polycarbonate seat, the timeless and timely are blended by the materials used, offering exciting combinations such as transparent seats with white or bleached ash finishes. SOUL is an ideal interior chair, elevating the space in which it’s used without cluttering or overcomplicating the visual mood, and outdoor models are also available to bring its stunning simplicity anywhere.


Striking design and endearing simplicity are what make the ELLIOT table stand out. Using a minimalist approach creates a profile that is at once airy and substantial. An all-aluminum construction makes this table lightweight and easy to move. An assortment of powder coated finishes make this table suitable for setting different moods and functioning in a variety of situations. Outdoor and indoor suitability make this a flexible piece and excellent for lounges, restaurants, or even a side table at home.

New Possibilities

While Pedrali specializes in furniture ideal for contract use and large commercial applications, these pieces are also available in smaller numbers, for limited projects or even home use. Their simple functionality is what attracted us in the first place, and combined with truly remarkable design, Pedrali furniture offers exactly what we want to offer clients in our interior design and furniture sourcing projects. Due to their attractiveness and quality, these pieces will also be available for residential and individual use.

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