Monochromatic, not monotonous

By Sklar Furnishings

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February 13, 2019

A monochromatic theme for home decor is all about simplicity and elegance. The understanding of the monochromatic style is often restricted to the use of one color, thus giving this design style a monotonous or a boring perspective. While monochromatic design style is about one color tone, it is more than that. It’s about using a single base color and its different shades, hues and tints. The monochromatic style starts with a single hue and the derivatives of the color are used to design the room. The thought of designing a home with only one color might be intimidating, however the result is an elegant and gorgeous aesthetic.

How to work a monochromatic design style:

A monotone color palette

Start building a monotone color palette by picking a base color, and then moving on to create lighter and darker variants of the color. An important thing to keep in mind while working on a monochromatic design style is contrast. By using a sharp contrast you will eliminate the feeling of everything fading into a singular background. A good example of a monotone color palette in a room can be seen when Sulley Comfort Sleeper and Pebbles Area Rug are used together. Both of these modern furnishing units play with the dark blue color tones.

Start from the ground up

The foundation to any room lays in starting from the ground up. You can set the overall tone of a room by using flooring and carpeting as the base and building on different hues and tones in the remainder of the room space. For example, using the Granada Area Rug will point your attention to the orange as the base color, on which you can build the room by bringing in the Finn Chaise and Zooid Wall Light.

Use shiny surfaces

Shiny objects like mirrors, chandeliers, sculptures and vases add a sense of glamor and elegance even to the most minimal rooms. The shiny objects help in breaking the room’s stark and crisp monochrome effect. Sheherazade Suspension Light and Tonelli Stati D’Animo Mirror are beautiful examples of the shiny furniture units to add a little bling to your monochrome style.

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