Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 20, 2017

Mirrors are interior design’s quiet achievers, capable of producing a multitude of effects that lift a room. Today, we’ll look at a few can’t-fail tips that will help you enhance any space with mirrors, before delving into a style edit of creative contemporary designs.

Mirrors 101
The simple addition of one or two large mirrors can have a dramatic effect on a room. They make the space look larger both by reflecting it, creating the illusion that it has been doubled, and by bouncing light around the room, increasing its overall brightness.

While it’s more common to opt for a wall-hung mirror, a tall mirror leaned against the wall can create a surprising illusion of height. A cluster of smaller, non-matching mirrors hung together on one wall creates an eclectic look that especially suits vintage-inspired and traditional homes.

If you have an outdoor view or art display of which you are especially proud, consider positioning a large mirror directly opposite it to double its visibility and enjoy it from both sides of the room. For an unusual, very luxurious addition to your patio, hang a mirror on the outside wall of the house, reflecting the sky and garden (just make sure the frame is weatherproof).

What’s New
The spectacular Prism TV Mirror conceals a flatscreen TV within a seemingly normal mirror. Just turn off the screen, and nobody would guess it was there.

The spectacular Emerald Mirror by Cattelan has a jagged, faceted frame that’s also constructed of mirror glass.

The black wooden back panel of the Guidoricclo Mirror lifts it out from the wall for a striking three-dimensional effect.

Tonelli’s Vu Mirror is very unusual; its rippling surface means you won’t be using it to check your outfit. What this very large piece excels at is opening up space and giving out light – perfect for problem rooms.

Fittipaldi is available in multiple sizes and can be hung horizontally or vertically. Like the Vu, it creates unpredictable and unique effects.

Kartell’s bold All Saints Mirror cleverly updates Baroque style. Its acrylic frame is available in a range of exciting colors.

Finally, the retro Atomic Mirror by Tonelli is the perfect complement to a mid-century modern space. Bubbles of tinted glass in bronze, gold, pink and grey create a playful effect wherever you hang it.

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