Miniforms: Award-Winning Design Meets Italian Craftsmanship

Based in the heart of Venice, Italy, Miniforms is a brand closely associated with innovation, elegance, and impeccable design. Their story is deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of craftsmanship. Miniforms is what comes to mind for the global audience seeking the perfect fusion of artistry and functionality.

At Miniforms’ sustainability is a big part of their ethos. Their dedication to environmentally conscious practices is not just a trend but a way of life. As a brand, they prioritize not only the looks of their products but also their impact on the world around us.

Miniforms’ Creative Excellence and Recognition

Besides sustainability, what truly sets Miniforms apart is their impressive collection of accolades. Their designs have garnered global recognition and accolades, a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity. For instance, the Soda coffee and side table shines bright as an award winner. In over 750 submissions from around the world, Soda stood out, catching the discerning eyes of the jury for its unparalleled concept, ingenious blend of creativity, technology, and research.

The Soda Side and Soda Cocktail Tables are readily available at Sklar Furnishings to those who seek the extraordinary. These tables, now offered in a large oval and square shape, epitomize Miniforms’ design philosophy.

Functional Elegance: Illo Tables and Caruso Buffet

Among Miniforms’ standout offerings are the Illo Side and Illo Cocktail Tables. These pieces effortlessly marry form and function, elevating any space they adorn.

The Caruso buffet, a true marvel, goes beyond conventional furniture. It’s not just a storage unit; it’s an excellent sound system too. Although showcasing its audio power in our showroom might be a challenge, we’re captivated by its innovation.

Miniforms’ journey is a narrative of crafting pieces that are more than just furniture – they are masterpieces. From their sustainable practices to their award-winning designs, Miniforms encapsulates the essence of Italian craftsmanship and design sensibilities. At Sklar Furnishings, we’re proud to showcase Miniforms’ legacy, offering you a chance to experience the intersection of art, functionality, and global acclaim.

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