Millennial Pink – A Classic Home Décor Trend

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

March 6, 2018

Millennial Pink, a timeless color with an aura of purity and innocence. This dusty shade of pink, the color that looks like a mix of rose gold and bubble-gum is known as Millennial Pink. It is subtle without being boring, it’s fun without being flashy. The fashion and design industry consider it as the color of the moment. The pastel pink hue has been a mainstay of spring and summer, but the dreary winter months seem to be screaming for it too.

Millennial Pink, otherwise known as Dusty Blush, has slowly infiltrated every aspect of home décor. Given its peacefulness and neutrality, the color adds a spunk to the contemporary and minimalist home décor. Unlike shapes and silhouettes, colors look good even after they are not trending on the ramps. It is also a known fact that colors of the spaces around you influence your mood. A spunky bright yellow accent wall is sure to pep you up and a dusty pink hue is sure to add some peace and serenity in your life. So, go on and add some Millennial Pink to your everyday life for some style and calm.

It doesn’t take a lot of pink to make a statement!

Not ready to oversaturate your home in pink? Try adding small accents. The small accents can take the sweet and soft pink furnishings to a glamorous level. Even small centerpieces like the Pink Flamingo will add a spunk to the otherwise vanilla décor.

Provide an edge to your living room by painting the accent wall Millennial Pink or if that would be a little over the top, try adding a velvet accent chair. A pink rug or some decorative lighting like Simon Says Yes pendant light would be a great addition to breathe new life into the common area.

 Millennial Pink is trendy, yet very timeless. You can incorporate some pink throw pillows, a pale pink picture frame or a playful piece of art in the bedroom for a warm and inviting feel. A pretty pink duvet will do the trick as well. Add a dash of color to your kitchen by getting your hands on a pink marble coffee table or some bubble-gum colored cookware. If you are looking to lighten up a kid’s bedroom, the Moonky sculpture will be a beautiful addition.

Not every piece of furniture or home accessory must be pink. Decorate your space according to the vibe of that area. Don’t overdo it. Decorate your surroundings at your own pace & with your own style.

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