Make Your Home More Modern in 2019

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

March 26, 2019

Every new year brings with itself a plethora of new styles and decorating patterns. A new and fresh take on the old styles is available in every spring tabloid and magazine. You don’t have to follow every trend that exists and bring it into your home. But if you wish to breathe some fresh life into your living space, look forward to making small changes – painting the accent wall with a new color, decluttering and going all the way minimalist, or even adding new pops of color to the otherwise monotonous spaces. A home upliftment or a small decorative remodel doesn’t have to be an entire overhaul since even the smallest changes can change the entire room.

New furniture

Furniture units tend to be the focal point of any contemporary living space. If you’re looking to do a slight makeover of your rooms, change the furniture. If there is a budget constraint, updating the upholstery is an easy way to change the appearance of the room. If contemporary style is on your mind, look for sleek furniture pieces that will easily blend into the current theme of your room. Tonelli Livingstone Dining Table is a beautiful example of a contemporary furniture unit that extends to fit all your spacing needs. Skorpio Keramik is another dining table that’s a balance between creativity and contemporary styling.

Change the color palette

Changing the upholstery, and the color palette of one’s room can change the entire look of the space. Bring in some throws, pillows or wall accents in the latest Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – Living Coral, add in some dramatic colors like bright red, fuschia, organic greens and bold yellows to a muted or neutral colored room. Morning Glory lamp from Aqua Creations is a graceful piece of floor lamp that doubles up as a fascinating piece of art. Adding a sparkly chandelier to a living room can drastically refashion a room’s ambiance. Stella Chandelier is the perfect light fixture to modernize your home in 2019.

Multifunctional space

Another stylish way to do a quick remodeling of one’s living spaces is to declutter and go minimalistic in furnishing approach. A minimalistic approach makes a room appear more spacious. The minimalist approach goes perfectly hand-in-hand with Tumidei’s On/Off Alcova Wall Unit. The wall unit comes with an integrated bench, and storage, and is the perfect companion for contemporary styles.

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