Magic in the Garden

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

June 28, 2016

Having a backyard that you can truly treat as an oasis has a life-changing effect. It might sound over the top, but having a private outdoor space to retreat to for a simple cup of coffee, elaborate dinner with friends, or even a good book and maybe even an afternoon nap has a powerful effect on your ability to unwind and increase your time spent outdoors.

The greatest thing about this is it doesn’t take much to transform your backyard into a beautiful- dare we say magical space. Whether you’ve got acres upon acres or just a few square feet to work with, sprucing up the space with a few key accessories goes a long way.

Here are some key types of pieces you can consider incorporating into your backyard to make it more magical:

Cozy seating: Comfortable seating is a must! How else are you going to take that nap or curl up with a book and a cup of coffee. Don’t skimp on comfort when it comes to your seating and no matter the size of your outdoor space, go as full-scale as you can with the seating, you won’t miss the petunia you couldn’t plant. Today’s outdoor furniture is incredible in terms of what it offers both aesthetically, durability-wise and in terms of comfort. A perfect example of this is the Toledo Sectional Seating, this highly modular collection of armless chairs, one armed chairs, ottomans, corner and single chairs is so interchangeable you can make a sofa as big or as small as you want.

Lighting: There is something undeniably whimsical and charming about the gentle twinkle outdoor lighting provides. The UMA Sound Lantern acts as a soothing, glowing light source with its DIM LED technology with a full control dial allowing you to adjust the lighting as you wish. Fairy lights are an inexpensive, perennial favorite that can be wrapped around elements of your backyard to provide and extra twinkle and add depth.

Accessories: The perfect way to make a backyard truly your own is by adding some accessories into the mix. Don’t be afraid to incorporate quirky items into your backyard as it is the ideal place to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to decor. An architectural piece like the Adan Stool not only makes a statement, but also has multiple functions; it can serve as seating, a plant stand, or side table. Add a personal touch with accessories that feature funky prints, by planting flowers in hand-painted pots, and including arts and crafts done by kids and grandkids as part of the decor. You’ll find this injects life, personality, and fun into the space.

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