Making the Most of Mirrors

Mirrors are an amazing interior design element that are easy to overlook. Perhaps that’s because they can be a bit disorienting when overused, but rest assured, if you use them right you will notice a great difference, from having more light to making a space feel a bit more expansive.

So, what can mirrors do? First, and probably most obvious, is that mirrors are very good at reflecting light. A mirror set up across from a mirror will reflect incoming light and brighten the opposite side of the room, adding a noticeable amount of light and even helping to banish gloom from the corners. Mirrors also reflect lamplight in the same way to brighten rooms after the sun has gone down.

Large mirrors over the mantelpiece are a classic focal point that always works like a charm. The right mirror doesn’t need accessorizing to act as a focal point, but the right mirror on the right piece of furniture can stand in for more imposing mirrors.


Majestic Mirrors

If you’re interested in stylish mirrors, you’re in luck. At Sklar, we have a massive selection of enchanting mirrors in just about any shape, size, or configuration you need.

For a grands effect, there’s the Dooors Mirror, a maximalist piece with a strong presence. As far as mirrors go, the Dooors goes beyond with three rectangular mirrors stacked each on top of the other, for a sense of depth, dimension, and complexity not possible with a single pane.

If simplicity is your thing, the Wish Mirror is a great option, with its round face and frame. Though less simple, the Shiki is another good option, with one face that can be rotated around the other.

Floor and leaning mirrors like the Caadre, Glam, or Gerundio are always popular in bedrooms as they make it easy to evaluate your outfit head to toe before leaving your home, but they can really shine in living spaces as well, due to their big presence—helpful for maximizing brightness or making a room feel bigger.

A textured glass mirror like the Vu creates a focal point, doubling as an art piece and creating a breathtaking backdrop for a living room or chic dining area. The geometric forms of the Emerald, Diamond, and Trixy mirrors also make excellent accent pieces.

Also popular are standing mirrors, such as the Soglia Standing Mirror, which is extra functional due to its rotating base, perfect for bedrooms or to guide the eye in other spaces.

Whether you’re more interested in aesthetics or comfort, our full selection of stools has just what you need to add the perfect finishing touch to a home bar, kitchen, games room, or nook.

More Than Glass Scraps

Mirrors are a great combination of function and form, equally useful as furnishing as they are beautiful for accessorizing. Their ability to banish gloom, add the sense of extra space, and let us witness ourselves makes them a must-have in any home.

With the many mirrors we have on offer, we’ve got just what you need whether a gorgeous piece of decor or as a stylish functional piece.

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