Larger Than Life Lighting

By Sklar Furnishings

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January 21, 2021

Larger Than Life Lighting

Good lighting brings a good space to life, making it more usable and comfortable. Getting lighting right makes all the difference whether you’re relaxing, hosting a party, or quietly reading—plus it adds a final touch of style to elevate your aesthetics. 

Lighting a large space is often a challenging process, with the necessity of creating the right impression on a big scale. Too little and a room will seem sparse or bare, too much and a room will seem cluttered and cramped. We have plenty of pieces that are up to the task of making any space splendid, so let’s take a look at some standout examples that can light up a large room in superb style!


Suspended lights are ideal for large spaces, as they take up no floor space and can be grouped for maximum effect. The dramatic form of the PostKrisi Suspension Lamp creates an excellent impression with its frayed hemispheres. Emitting a diffuse light through its frosted globe, the PostKrisi pairs its impactful form with surprisingly gentle illumination.

Fil de Fer

Sometimes a large space demands something larger than life, that fills it not only with light but with a maximalist impression. The spectacular Fil de Fer Nuvola Chandelier has the physical presence to help fill a large room, a cloud of wires filled with lights that are diffused and reflected throughout. An ideal centerpiece, this fixture is an excellent choice for larger spaces.

Lederam Manta S2

An elegant and flowing form makes the Lederam Manta S2 a calming yet visually engaging pendant lamp. Used alone or grouped to fill larger spaces, the Manta S2 is excellent at creating a peaceful impression, and with gold or copper foil, it casts a warm and inviting glow.


The bold and varied forms of the Perseus Chandelier make a bold statement, filling space with exuberance. Multiple glass textures in several color options ranging from neutral to bold make this chandelier simply scintillating. While making a grand statement, this chandelier also works well in many decor styles, with its sturdy chromed frame adding to the beauty while LED lights provide excellent illumination.

The Light Stuff

Good lighting makes a space inviting and comfortable, but great lighting also makes a space unforgettable. A larger space almost demands a larger impression, but the fixtures above demonstrate that your options are nearly endless, whether you want something striking or subtle illuminating your space.

Much as light fills a room and makes it welcoming, larger fixtures and chandeliers can help make a space seem less empty, while also filling it with warmth and brightness. In some cases, a single large fixture can do all the work, but the addition of two or more fixtures can create a truly wonderful impression as well.

Inspired to light up your life but didn’t find the perfect piece above? Browse our selection online or contact us for the perfect lighting for your home or office!

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